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Application for Student Organization Recognition


Organization Leaders,

This application must be filled out prior to the beginning of the Fall semester and immediately following any major changes, including officers changes, made to your organization.  Filling out this form will ensure that your organization is recognized for the current academic year.  New Student Organizations should not fill this application out to seek recognition.  You must see the Director of Campus Activities, Matt Binion, and go through the process of becoming a Recognized Student Organization.

The information that you provide on this application must be correct and up to date.  Only current officers should be listed.  If this form is not completed fully or found to be incorrect, your organization will not be recognized as a Student Organization for the current semester.  It is your responsibility to update this form as your organization gets new officers.

* Denotes a required field


* Organization Name:

Group Box Number:

* Is this group an academic/departmental honorary?

All academic and departmental honoraries must be registered with the office of the Academic Dean.

* Is this group a religious affiliated organization?

All religious affiliated organizations must be registered with the office of the Chaplain.





Phone Number:

Campus Box:

* President/Chair

Vice President/Co-Chair





* Faculty/Staff Advisor

Advisor 2

* Briefly describe your group's goal/mission:

* When do you hold officer elections?

* How many students are in your organization?

* When and how often do you hold group meetings?

* Have you obtained funding from the SBA in the past?

If yes, how much was allocated to you?  

* Do you intend to seek SBA funding this semester?

* What events did you hold on or off campus last semester?

* What events do you plan to have this semester?

Please Note:

For assistance, please contact the Office of Student Life at 601.974.1200. This resource is produced by the Office of Student Life, 1701 North State Street, Jackson, MS 39210

Any changes made during the academic year MUST be submitted to Student Life within two weeks of any change. In order to remain a recognized Millsaps College organization, the organization or honorary must keep its roster current. Failure to do so may result in loss of recognized status.

All student organizations and academic honoraries must adhere to the requirements as outlined in the Millsaps College Student Handbook Major Facts.