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Bobashela, the Millsaps College Yearbook

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To serve and delight the students of Millsaps. We will stimulate and positively affect our own group and our community. All that we do will be accomplished with committed determination, innovation, and the highest level of excellence. Expectations shall be exceeded, spirits lifted, and possibilities expanded.


  • To get as many students into the yearbook as many times as possible.
  • To design the book in such a way as to accommodate as many pictures as possible and still look good.
  • To honestly tell the story of the people here this year in an interesting, readable, and attractive format.
  • To provide a positive and caring environment for the people on our staff so that they will profit from and enjoy the process of putting the book together.
  • To sell as many books as possible so that many students will have the opportunity to enjoy the memories we will save for them.

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