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Wesson Health Center

Student Support Services


Feeling sick? Need an allergy shot? Need health questions answered? Hope to see a physician? The Wesson Health Center provides basic health care on site to all Millsaps College students.

The Center is located on the first floor of the Campbell College Center, just inside the College Center's south entrance. An experienced Registered Nurse coordinates services and care for 28 hours per week. The University of Mississippi Medical Center assigns its physicians to our center for approximately 10 hours per week. While regular office visits are free of charge, costs are applied to the few basic lab tests and immunizations performed in the center.

After-hours emergency care is not affiliated with the College, but is quickly made available at the Baptist Health Center (adjacent to the south border of campus), the University of Mississippi Medical Center (diagonally situated across an intersection from the northeast corner of campus), or St. Dominic's Hospital (2 miles north of campus).

Missing Class for Medical Reasons?
If you are too ill to make it to class or have to miss class for a doctor's appointment, then it is in your best interest to always let your professor know in advance, if possible. Even if you e-mail or call just before class or send word to your professor by a friend, it makes a good impression that you made the effort to notify him or her.

The Wesson Health Center staff will not provide a medical excuse for class when you are seen in the clinic, but they will provide written documentation as to when you were seen in the clinic. Whether an absence for medical reasons is treated differently from any other absence is determined by each individual professor.

Stay Healthy!

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