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Wesson Health Center


Should there be a medical emergency on campus which does not involve on-campus housing, but requires an ambulance:

  • Call Campus Safety first at extension 1234.
  • Tell them the nature of the emergency and where the patient is located.
  • Allow Campus Safety to call 911 for an ambulance.
  • Campus Safety will give them directions and escort them to the patient.
  • Campus Safety will notify appropriate staff or involved people.

If a resident or visitor in a residence hall is involved and the situation is not critical, contact a resident assistant first (if one is close by or can be found quickly) and let them call Campus Safety to request an ambulance. If a resident assistant cannot be found quickly, call Campus Safety at extension 1234.

If an ambulance is not needed, someone close to the patient can transport him/her to an emergency room for treatment. Jackson area emergency rooms, closest to most distant, are:

University of Mississippi Medical Center 2500 North State Street 601.984.4000
Baptist Medical Center 1225 North State Street 601.9681000
St. Dominic Hospital 969 Lakeland Drive 601.200.2000
Central Mississippi Medical Center 1850 Chadwick Drive 601.376.1000
G.V. Sonny Montgomery VA Medical Center (Veterans Only) Woodrow Wilson Drive (past UMC) 601.364.1244

There are also emergency rooms outside the Jackson area at Rankin Medical Center and Madison County Medical Center.


Psychiatric Emergencies
If you believe a student or visitor is in immediate danger of doing physical harm to himself/herself and is in a residence hall, find a resident assistant with whom you can discuss your concerns. Have someone stay with the person to provide support at least until Millsaps staff become involved directly and a plan is determined. Remember that getting someone the medical help he or she needs is worth having that person possibly upset that you betrayed a confidence. In case of an actual suicide attempt that does not appear to require an ambulance, there are two emergency rooms in hospitals with psychiatric units close by. They are:

University of Mississippi Medical Center 2500 North State Street 601.984.4000
St. Dominic Hospital 969 Lakeland Drive 601.200.2000