Celebrating 125 Years

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  • Fit More Important than Prestige

    I was not shocked to read the latest news of scandal involving wealthy, powerful, and famous parents employing nefarious scam artists to help their children gain admission at prestigious colleges around the country. ...continue reading

  • "Doing to Learn" Under the Capitol Dome

    Located less than two miles from Millsaps College, the Mississippi State Capitol is the hub of statewide political activity during the legislative session, held the first three months of every year (and the first four months of each year following a general election). ...continue reading

Across the street and around the globe, Millsaps College students bring energy and purpose to their learning.

Millsaps balances structure and freedom. Through broad exploration of the humanities, sciences, social sciences, and business, students pursue individualized academic programs, gaining exposure to new disciplines, new points of view, and new possibilities. While building a solid base of knowledge in one of our many majors, students learn to integrate ideas across disciplines.

These abilities distinguish our graduates, allowing them to succeed in any context—and to be nimble and flexible as contexts inevitably change.

At Millsaps, choose your own path.