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A. Boyd Campbell College Center

Boyd Campbell College Center

The A. Boyd Campbell College Center was formally opened in 1957. This center for dining and student activities was dubbed the Millsaps Student Union until 1963, when the Board of Trustees chose to pay tribute to A. Boyd Campbell, an outstanding Millsaps alumnus, by re-naming the building as the A. Boyd Campbell Student Center. During renovations and additions, the structure came to be known as the Boyd Campbell College Center.

The College Center, which has been completely renovated and updated as late as 2000, is the center of Millsaps life. Positioned on one end of the Millsaps Bowl, this building houses the offices of Student Life and the Millsaps Career Center. The College Center also contains the Leggett Special Events area, a place for speeches, speakers, and awards ceremonies. In addition, the College Center holds offices and meeting rooms for numerous student organizations, including the Student Body Association, the Purple and White (Millsaps' campus newspaper), and the Bobashela (Millsaps' yearbook). Furthermore, the building is the location of several student services such as the Millsaps post office, counseling services and the Wesson Health Center.

The Millsaps dining room, where students on the Millsaps meal plan can choose from a wide variety of foods, is housed in the College Center.