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John Stone Hall

A traditional wood frame structure, John Stone Hall is currently the home of the Millsaps Writing Center, the Millsaps Core Curriculum Office, and the Classical Studies department. The Writing Center is a program created to offer on-campus services to writers, providing help with research papers, aid in meeting the requirements for the Writing Portfolio, advice for taking essay exams or preparing for written portions of standardized tests, instruction on topic selection and focus, coaching on organizational strategies, and grammar, editing, and revision tutoring.

The Millsaps Core Curriculum Office manages the required courses that every Millsaps student must take to graduate. These courses are designed to enhance skills such as reasoning, communication, and quantitative thinking as well as promote historical consciousness and global and multicultural awareness. The Core Curriculum Office also publishes the The Promenade (a collection of freshman essays) and Reflections (an annual collection of the top ten senior essays).

The 3,000 square foot, two-story building has a long history. It served as the president's home until 1940, at which time it was converted to faculty apartments. In 1980, the "Old President's Home" became the Chimneyville School of Crafts and Design. For the next 13 years, it offered instructional courses in such arts as woodworking, weaving, pottery, and jewelry. The building underwent another metamorphosis in 1993, when the Millsaps Writing Program began. At that time, the facility was renamed John Stone Hall after a prominent Millsaps alumnus, both a talented physician and an accomplished writer.