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Sullivan-Harrell Hall

Sullivan-Harrell HallSullivan-Harrell Hall houses the Geology department and labs, faculty offices for Education and Physics, and the Psychology and Neuroscience, Sociology and Anthropology, Mathematics, Political Science, and Computer Science departments. Originally dedicated on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 29, 1929, the building is named after two former science professors, G.L. Harrell and J.M. Sullivan, who were primarily responsible for the design of the building. In 1990, Sullivan-Harrell Hall was entirely renovated and now contains 28 faculty offices, 14 classrooms and seminar rooms, and 10 laboratories. Specialized labs include a high temperature room, an electron microscope room, an X-ray diffraction and emission room, an optics/laser laboratory, and a nuclear laboratory. In addition to these features, the building also houses commons areas and computer labs for student use.

Quick facts about Sullivan-Harrell:

1. A bronze plaque on the second floor bears the only inscription found in the structure: "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

2. Sullivan-Harrell Hall is headquarters for many global study opportunities, including geology field studies, archaeological digs in the Yucatan, and liberal studies abroad.

3. Departments housed in Sullivan-Harrell Hall offer several undergraduate research opportunities for students who are interested in getting hands-on experience in the lab.