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Summer Programs in Tanzania

African Studies


This course will offer students the opportunity to gain a deep and rich firsthand understanding of life, history, economics, and culture in East Africa.

The course will begin on the Millsaps College campus with a three-day introduction to Tanzanian history and culture as well as the Swahili language. However, the main part of the course will be comprised of a four-week study trip to Tanzania that will allow students to engage the contemporary realities of Tanzanian culture and economics.

In Tanzania, we will move between Dar es Salaam on the Indian Ocean and the interior of the country in the Southern Highlands. As we move, we will consider the effects of agriculture, industry, tourism, and the global economy on the daily lives of Tanzanians.

Through a series of daily ethnographic exercises, students will gain experiences in urban and rural areas. Students will be asked to spend time in places like marketplaces and religious institutions and to think about what role these spaces may play in the lives of Tanzanians today. Tanzanians have a strong appreciation for their traditional cultures, but they also participate fully in modern and postmodern culture.

In this program, we will ask questions, for example, about whether there are problems or contradictions that arise in a country overrun by cell phones but where many Tanzanians still lack reliable access to electricity with which to charge those phones.

We will spend time in the coastal area of Tanzania and students will do home stays in the Southern Highlands.

The program will cost $3,850 which includes everything except airfare and personal expenses. Spaces are limited.  For more information, contact Julian Murchison (murchjm@millsaps.edu).

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