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Biology Spring 2016 Newsletter (PDF)

Millsaps College | Department of BiologyThe Biology Department at Millsaps College offers a wide variety of courses and research opportunities to help prepare students for graduate school, professional school, teaching careers, or direct entry into the work force. Some of our recent graduates have pursued PhD, MD, MD/PhD, DVM, DDS, MS, RN, and JD degrees in fields as varied as endocrinology, anatomy, physical therapy, ecology, pharmacy, nursing, biomedical sciences, marine biology, environmental law, and conservation biology. Many have attended some of the best graduate, medical, dental, and veterinary programs in the country. Others are sought-after as well-trained biology teachers or have professions in a variety of industries, from research to pharmaceutical sales.


Field and laboratory research

Laboratory research opportunities are offered at Millsaps in molecular and cell biology, genetics and biochemistry. Many students perform biomedical research at the nearby University of Mississippi Medical Center. Field research opportunities are offered in ecology, environmental biology and zoo archeology. Students do research at the College's field station - Kaxil Kiuic Biocultural Reserve in the Yucatan, Mexico. Research on the diversity of arthropods allows students to get involved with field-based and molecular lab-based studies.

See the HHMI teaching laboratory used by the biology department.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Millsaps College biology department is to foster in all students appreciation of and curiosity about the living world and biological processes, an understanding of how current and historical scientific knowledge was acquired, and the ability to apply their knowledge and skills to new questions. Such broadly educated students are well prepared to enter graduate school, professional schools, such as medical school, dental school, and pharmacy school, or to enter immediate employment after graduation.