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Welcome to the Millsaps College music department, where you can get conservatory-level performance training while immersed in a liberal arts education that teaches you how to think, write, and communicate. The music department, as part of this greater community, cultivates and encourages the use of critical reasoning, historical consciousness and cultural awareness to inform every facet of music-making and historical study. Our wide variety of music courses investigate musical aesthetics, the economics of music, world music, jazz history, music of the Enlightenment, opera, women composers, experimental music, and much more. Studies in music theory are creativity-based, and begin with learning the foundations of musical expression through hands-on composition in courses such as Music @ the Computer and Concept & Design.

Our music faculty is a community of active and committed performers who understand the demands of performance and encourage students to go beyond the score, exploring ideas in music, from historical and cultural contexts to compositional innovations. Departmental recitals, solo degree recitals, choir and ensemble performances, and concerts and master classes with visiting national and international guest artists are but a portion of the performance opportunities that encourage student performers to hone their performance skills while at Millsaps.

Students take advantage of our department at all levels of involvement, from studying an instrument or participating in the Millsaps Singers or Chamber Singers for personal fulfillment, to preparing solo recitals as a performance major or concentrator. A unique feature of our curriculum is the option of pursuing a concentration in performance, music history, or church music while pursuing a degree in another field. We offer many degree options that combine the rigors of music study with the broader intellectual journey that is the Millsaps education.

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