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SOAN/Religions Studies Major Casey Holloway Accepted to Medical School


Casey Holloway, who will graduate in May 2012, will attend medical school at LSU Shreveport after she graduates. Casey is graduating with a combined major in Sociology/Anthropology and Religious Studies.

When she came to Millsaps, Casey knew she wanted to eventually go to medical school but was unsure about a major. She was open to a non-science major, and "the Religious Studies/Sociology Anthropology major just found me," she says. Casey really wanted to take advantage of attending a liberal arts school and loves the variety the combined major has offered her.

Talking about how her major will help her in medical school, Casey said that the religious studies part of the major will help her be aware of religious preferences regarding treatment in an increasingly religiously plural world. The sociology/anthropology portion of the major gives her a sense of perspective that she is sure will help her better understand her patients.

"When I interviewed with the Dean of Admissions at LSU," Casey said, "he asked about my major. I told him that I chose the major because I love people, and I really want to be able to understand patients from their perspective. He was so impressed!"