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Core Curriculum

Academic Advising

The Core Curriculum at Millsaps is truly the heart of a liberal education. It is designed to introduce you to the breadth of knowledge that every educated person should have, and to help you develop the skills that you will need to succeed in college and beyond. Most of the Core is concentrated in your first two years, and serves as the foundation for the more narrowly focused study of your major. The final piece of the Core, however, is reserved for the senior year. This capstone course, Reflections on Liberal Studies, relates the work of your major to the goals of a liberal education. It may be the senior seminar in your major or an interdisciplinary course specifically designed for this purpose, but either way you will be challenged to reflect upon your Millsaps education and to integrate what you have learned throughout your college years. You will see how your education has prepared you for life in the twenty-first century.