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Majors and Degrees

Academic Advising

On choosing a major:

Do not be concerned if you do not know just yet what your major will be. The Core Curriculum will undoubtedly introduce you to subjects you have not encountered before, and may cause you to think differently about some of those that you have studied previously. Use these courses as an opportunity to "try on" different possible majors to see what you enjoy most. Take advantage of the "Meet Your Major" fair during the fall semester to explore what each major has to offer. Use the services of the Career Center (SC 326) to help you discover your aptitudes and interests.

When you find a subject that fits you well, talk to the chair of the appropriate department to find out more about that major. If you have a particular career goal in mind, such as teaching, health care, or law, also talk to the faculty adviser for that area. The Career Center and many student organizations offer workshops and discussions on various career options, so watch for notices about those meetings. Note: Millsaps does not offer majors in "pre-law" or "pre-medicine"; your major will be in a specific academic discipline such as English, biology, or economics.

Declaring a major is fairly simple: pick up a "Declaration of Major" form from the Office of Records and have it signed by the chair of your chosen department. Return the completed form to the records office. You may do this any time you feel ready, although it is a good idea to complete at least one course in that subject area first! However, you must declare a major before the end of your sophomore year.

Choosing your degree:

Millsaps College offers three undergraduate degrees: the bachelor of arts (B.A.), bachelor of science (B.S.) and bachelor of business administration (B.B.A.). Each has its own requirements in addition to the Core requirements that all Millsaps students must complete.

The bachelor of arts degree is typical in the humanities and in some social sciences. It requires demonstrated proficiency at the intermediate level in a foreign language.

The bachelor of science degree is most often sought by students in the natural sciences and some social sciences. It requires successful completion of analytical geometry and calculus I, and a minimum of four courses in at least three different science disciplines.

The bachelor of business administration degree is sought by students in accounting or business administration. It requires a suite of specific courses, which are listed in the College Catalog.

Further information about degree requirements, majors, minors, areas of concentration and special programs may be found in the College Catalog. For an overview of the programs detailed in the catalog, visit our departments online.

Phi Beta Kappa and Beta Gamma Sigma:

Phi Beta Kappa is the nation's oldest academic honorary. It recognizes and encourages excellence in the liberal arts. The Millsaps College chapter, the oldest in Mississippi, elects new members from the senior class each year. To be eligible for consideration for this very prestigious membership, you must complete either a bachelor of science or a bachelor of arts degree with both a foreign language at the 2000 level and a calculus course (Analytical Geometry & Calculus I or Survey of Calculus), in addition to having an overall GPA of at least 3.7, broad cultural interests, and good character.

Beta Gamma Sigma is a national honor society dedicated to the principles and ideals essential to a worthy life, as well as to a commendable business career. Election to membership in Beta Gamma Sigma is the highest national recognition a student can receive in an undergraduate or masters program in business or management. The Millsaps chapter was chartered in 1990.

Undergraduate research

Students interested in undergraduate research opportunities should contact the chair of the appropriate department for more information.