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Preparing for Registration

Academic Advising

Information about Summer Pre-Registration for incoming freshmen and transfer students is coming soon.

Preparing for Registration
As you look through the course schedule on Major Access to see what will be offered, think about the following:

  • What courses do you need to take to fulfill the requirements of the College's Core Curriculum?
  • If you have not declared a major or a minor, what are you considering, and what courses does each require? If you have decided, what courses do you need to take to meet those requirements? Requirements for each major are listed under the appropriate department in the College Catalog.
  • What degree do you want, bachelor of arts (B.A.), bachelor of science (B.S.), or bachelor of business administration (B.B.A.)? Degree requirements are also listed in the Catalog.

At least two weeks before you register, make an appointment with your advisor. Bring the course schedule and your own plan to the meeting. Talk through your plan with your advisor to be sure it is workable, and that you haven't overlooked anything. Make this meeting an opportunity to discuss your progress toward your degree and life goals. Be sure to listen to what your advisor says - there may be things you haven't thought about that he or she can help you with!

Note: If you are planning to take classes in summer school, discuss them with your advisor during the April preregistration period.

More Information
For more information on the registration process, please visit the Business Office Registration Information and the Records Office Registration Information pages.