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Selecting Courses

Academic Advising

Review the information provided on the Core Curriculum to begin making your course selections. You will select a total of four courses (16 semester hours) for the fall term. All students are required to take Core 1, Introduction to Thinking and Writing. It is suggested that you take at least two more Core courses in addition to this, plus a fourth course which might be another Core offering, a language, or something related to your intended major or career goals.

The Heritage program carries a value equal to two full courses each term of your first year. If you select this option, you will take Core 1, Heritage, and one other course in the fall, followed by Heritage and two additional courses in the spring.

Note: You must take a minimum of 12 semester-hours to be considered a full-time student. However, a "normal" course load is considered to be 16 semester-hours (four courses). A Millsaps degree requires a minimum of 128 semester hours, which is usually completed in eight semesters by taking 16 hours each semester. Taking fewer than 16 hours per semester will prolong the time to needed to graduate. The Course Schedule provides a listing of courses, the days, times, and locations where they are offered, the number of semester hours they are worth, and the name of the instructor. It also has a lot of other useful information, so read it carefully. You will receive a paper copy of the Course Schedule when you register.