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Online Advising and Registration - Students



Online advising is very similar to the paper process that most students have used in the past. Students create a list of courses they would like to take and schedule a time to meet with their advisor. Courses are approved or added during the advising session and the student registers at a later date.



  • Students build their Suggested Course list from their E-Registration Card. (Selecting sections comes later.)
  • Students meet with their advisor to discuss the courses and the advisor approves at the course level.
  • Students begin the registration process by selecting the courses for which they would like to register. Then they narrow the courses down by selecting the sections they would like to take. Finally they register for those sections.
  • Students can add and drop sections online for courses that have been approved up to the first day of class.

General Timeline Before Registering

  • Students review their E-Registration Checklist, checking their registration time and making sure they are eligible to register.
  • Students prepare their Suggested Courses list through the E-Registration Card.
  • Students meet with their advisor to review and approve suggested courses.

More information on the E-Registration Checklist and building the Suggested Courses list can be found on MajorAccess under E-Registration Documentation.


Registering for Classes

  • Students can begin the registration process anytime after their registration time starts, as long as their courses have been approved.
  • Students should carry alternate courses and sections throughout the registration process in case a class becomes full.

Finishing Registration

  • Students can verify that they are registered for their classes by clicking Schedule from the Students menu.


Things to Remember

  • Students should review their E-Registration Checklist to make sure that nothing will hold up their registration (such as unpaid parking tickets or overdue library books).
  • Students need to prepare their list of suggested courses before they meet with their advisor. This includes both courses and alternate courses.
  • During the registration process, students should carry alternate courses and alternate sections with throughout the process. Although a section may be open while building a class schedule, there is no guarantee that it will be open when a student registers.


How do I register online? All documentation for online advising and online registration can be found on MajorAccess. Login, click Current Students, and then click on E-Registration Documentation.

What is the Suggested Courses list? It is the initial step you take before meeting with your advisor where you create a list of courses that you would like to take.

Are all classes eligible for online registration? Most classes are eligible for online registration, but some classes such as honors, independent study, research, and some studio classes are not yet available for online registration. Also you are unable to register for any class you wish to take pass/fail or audit.

How do I register for classes that I can't register for online? Classes that you can't register for online will be registered for in the Office of Records with the traditional paper registration form signed by your advisor and/or instructor. You will be able take the form to the Office of Records anytime after your registration time has started.

When can I register online? You can start registering for classes as soon as it is your registration time found on your E-Registration Checklist, as long as your courses have been approved. You will be able to register and drop sections up until the day before the first day of class.

How is the registration order determined? Registration order is based on classification, randomization, and then class schedule. Four distinct lists based on class standing are created. Then each list is randomized individually to keep classification hierarchy. Then the student's current class schedule is evaluated to ensure that their registration time does not start while they are in class.

How can I drop a course without having a course to add? Currently you are unable to get to the page that allows you to drop a section without having an approved course to add. This does not mean that you have to register for the additional course, but you have to have at least one approved course to gain access to the page that allows you to drop sections.

Please email helpdesk@millsaps.edu if you have any suggestions for additional FAQs.