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Advanced Placement Institute


Option 1: Click here to register online


Option 2: Follow these steps to register through the mail.

1.  Download the API Registration Form (PDF).
2.  Print the form by selecting File then Print in your web browser.
3.  Complete the form.

4.  Mail the form along with either full payment, a purchase order for the entire tuition, or a $50 nonrefundable deposit and a purchase order for the rest of the tuition to the address below. If paying with the $50 nonrefundable deposit, a purchase order for the remaining amount should be received within 30 days.


Early registration is advised; however, we will accept registrations until a week before the Institute begins if space is available. The remaining amount of the fees will be due by July 1.

Refund Policy:
If a teacher cannot attend and if we are notified in writing (a fax is acceptable) by
June 26, 2015, we can refund both tuition and housing costs minus the $50 nonrefundable deposit. NO refund of fees will be made after June 26, 2015. A school may substitute one teacher for another with no penalty.  A school or individual will be billed the full amount if a registered participant does not show.

You will receive a letter of confirmation within 10 working days of the receipt of your registration. Do not assume you are registered until you get your confirmation. You are encouraged to follow-up with your school/school district to ensure that both your registration form and payment or purchase order has been sent in.

Advanced Placement© Institute
Continuing Education
Millsaps College
1701 North State Street
Jackson, MS 39210
Phone: 601-974-1130  FAX: 601-974-1137

Email: gibsonk@millsaps.edu