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Department of Art


We're eager to keep in touch with all of our alumni, both majors and minors. If you have any new information to add to the following list, please e-mail Elise Smith.

Featured Alumni

Sue Carrie Drummond (B.A. in Studio Art, 2012) describes her first year in an M.F.A. program: "I moved to Philadelphia in August and began graduate school at University of the Arts in September 2013. At times I have been extremely frustrated, lonely, and tired, but it has never outweighed the exhilaration, excitement, and joy that I experience at being completely immersed in doing what I love every day."

"Classes I have been taking include ones focused specifically on printmaking and bookbinding, which have improved my hand skills and craftsmanship immensely, in addition to classes that allow me to explore new materials such as working with fibers and found materials to create more sculptural work."

"I have been the teaching assistant for undergraduate classes in printmaking, bookbinding, and papermaking, which have honed my skills in those areas while reassuring me of my ultimate goal to be a teacher. I recently exhibited a letterpress book through a book arts collective in New Orleans called SIFT and a quilted book at an exhibit at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville."

"I will be doing an internship at the American Philosophical Society this summer in book conservation, learning how to repair and preserve historic books. In the fall I will be learning how to work on an offset lithography press in the Borowsky Center for Publication Arts at my university with a master printer and continuing to take classes that will help develop my thesis. With one year down and one left to go, I am very excited for what the future holds."


Suzanne GlemotMillsaps senior Suzanne Glemot (2013) pushed the boundaries of printmaking to communicate the psychological in her work, Broken Winged.

"Being able to create an image that is both beautiful in its simplicity and unsettling in subtle ways was very significant to my artistic process," she said.

Glemot's efforts earned a Juror's Award of Excellence at the 2013 Mississippi Collegiate Art Competition, which attracted 1,052 entries from 10 of Mississippi's four-year colleges and universities. Juror Sarah Marshall, professor of art at the University of Alabama, selected 188 works - including Glemot's print and art by Millsaps student Claire Aime - for exhibition at the Mississippi Arts Center in downtown Jackson.

Born in Paris, Glemot has lived abroad for most of her life, an experience she draws upon while creating works that comment on the universal human condition and the dichotomy between the diversity of cultures and human emotional unity. Printmaking and bookmaking are her favorite media.

A studio art major and museum studies minor, Glemot considers art an integral way to experience life. "I love that art allows me to take in, think about, re-work, and ideally re-shape all and any parts of the world that I experience. I love the challenge of always trying to better communicate my meaning and intentions using a visual language that I construct for myself and others."

She has shared her knowledge of art history with youngsters at the Mississippi Children's Museum during the "Meet Matisse" workshop she taught there last summer. Participants used paper shapes and glue to produce art just as Henri Matisse did.

Glemot said she choose to attend Millsaps because of its close student-faculty relationships. Also, the College's friendly atmosphere was important because she was moving a long way from home in order to attend college, Glemot said. She has worked as a Ford Teaching Fellow and chaired the Honor Council. She is a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority and president of Kappa Pi, the international honorary art fraternity. Last year, she received the Junior Studio Art Award, presented to a junior art major for demonstrating excellent achievement as well as potential for continued growth in studio art at Millsaps. After graduation, Glemot plans to pursue a Master of Fine Arts in painting. "Ultimately, I want to teach studio art at the collegiate level, which would allow me to stay in the world of academia, while also producing art of my own design ...in my eyes, the best of both worlds."


Petra Vackova and Holly Harmon
Petra (left) and Holly in front of the Binnenhof in The Hague
Petra Vachova and Holly Harmon
Holly and Petra meeting up for an adventure (as Petra wrote, "we are looking pretty worldly and determined there; how fun would it be to see that one on the alumni page!"

Holly Harmon 2008 Art History - Before graduating from Millsaps Holly was accepted into the highly competitive Summer Institute for Art Museum Studies (SIAMS) at Smith College during the summer before her senior year.  She received her M.A. in Art History from Syracuse University in May 2010, with a thesis on Jackie Winsor.  She was able to interview the artist for more than three hours in New York - a wonderful experience! - and she ended up receiving a Master's Prize for an outstanding thesis.  After graduating from Syracuse she had an internship at the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington as an interpretive guide for the Yves Klein exhibit, followed in Fall 2010 by a Coca-Cola endowed internship in the Education Department at the National Museum of Women in the Arts.  In Feb. 2011 Holly accepted the position of Interpretive Specialist at the Detroit Institute of the Arts. She worked in the Learning and Interpretation department creating educational materials to accompany works of art in the permanent collection and temporary exhibitions. In November 2013 Holly moved to Brooklyn where she started a job as Associate Manager of Interpretive Materials at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. As she explained, "I will be in charge of managing all of the written interpretation that the museum produces.... So I will be working with all 18 of their curators to produce interpretation for their special exhibitions in an effort to make sure the museum presents a consistent voice."


Petra Vackova 2008 Art History & Studio - Petra completed her M.A. degree in Contemporary Art History at Leiden University in the Netherlands (her thesis was on Third Wave feminism, focusing on the Global Feminism exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum). She followed that up with an M.F.A. (2011) from the Dutch Art Institute in Arnhem, The Netherlands (her thesis was focused on the Prague Biennale as an example of unresolved tensions between the art worlds of Eastern and Western Europe). She also co-organized an art exhibit at the Czech Cultural Center of the Czech Embassy in the Netherlands that introduced young Czech artists to the 'West.'  She hopes to challenge the notion of East' and its stereotypes and overcome the status of Czech art as 'post-communist.' She has also exhibited her work at a gallery in Gdansk, Poland.  She commented about her experience in the European art world, "What is 'in' is collaborations, projects, research, performative presentations; it seems as if the tangible product of art making, the artwork, is slowly but surely being replaced by less tangible but more engaging art activism." Petra and her husband are now back in the States and living in Los Angeles.


Millsaps Art Alumna Leigh PennebakerLeigh Pennebaker 2001 Studio

Leigh currently lives in New York City where her unique wire sculptures have been featured in many prominent showrooms, as well as the windows of Saks Fifth Avenue!

"My sculpture deals with my lifelong fascination with fashion, women, and beauty. I view my work as three-dimensional caricature through which I channel the spirits of prom queens, divas, and ingenues."




Art Alumni

Aldridge, Leslie 2004 Studio - Leslie worked for two years with the AmeriCorps VISTA program in Vermont, and started the architecture program at North Carolina State University in 2006. (Leslie_Aldridge@mymillsaps.com or aldridgeleslie@gmail.com)

Allen (Hawkins), Dorothy 1997 Studio - After graduating Dorothy worked in a film business in New Orleans for a year, then as a visual merchandising manager for McRae's in Mississippi and Alabama for five years. She started 'Furniture Facelifts' with a local artist painting furniture and doing decoupage. She married John Hawkins (Millsaps class of 1990) in 1997 and they live in Jackson with their three sons.

Allen, Michelle 2008 Studio

Alley, Aime 1996 Art History

Allison, Yancey 1992 Studio - Yancey received her MFA in Photography in 2001 and is working in Memphis. Check out her website at www.yanceyallison.com. (YanAllis@aol.com)

Arnold (Lowry), Jennifer 2001 Studio & Art History - Jennifer received her United Kingdom residency in 2004 and is taking classes at Queen's University in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  She lives outside of Belfast in Carryduff with her husband Gerard, stepson Ryan, and daughters Emma Kay and Raeanne. (jeninireland13@yahoo.com or j_lowry78@hotmail.com)

Ballard, Jennifer 1996 Art History

Barbour, Erin 1998 Studio - Erin handles all marketing and design work at Barbour International, Inc., which sells outdoor cookware under the brand name Bayou Classic.

Barton (Banks), Lea 1996 Studio - Lea received her M.F.A. in Printmaking from the Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, in 1998.  She taught in the Art Department at Millsaps, 1998-99, and is currently a full-time professional artist. Her traveling exhibition was at the MS Museum of Art Dec-Jan 2002-03, and she has had solo exhibitions in New Orleans, Memphis, Jackson, and Oxford. She was in the Mississippi Invitational Exhibition 1997, 1999, and 2001, and had a work of hers selected in Fall 2004 to represent the state of Mississippi at the National Museum of Women in the Arts, in Washington, D.C. After working as account manager and public relations director at DIG Creative + Solutions, Lea remarried in 2010 and now serves as the Resource Development Coordinator at the non-profit organization Dream, Inc. (lbanks@dreaminc.org)

Bilbo, Amy 1997 Studio (double major: Psychology)

Bennett, Eric 2013 Studio

Benzur, Gabe 1998 Studio

Birdwell, Katie 2014 Studio (katie.birdwell@sbcglobal.net)

Blount (Tucker), Jenny 2007 Art History (concentration Museum Studies) - Jenny completed  her master's degree in art history at the University of Alabama (Birmingham and Tuscaloosa) in Spring 2009. In Fall 2009 she began teaching the art history survey course at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa.  She has led several groups of students on month-long summer trips to Florence and taught courses on Renaissance art there. She is married to Jess Tucker, also a Millsaps alumnus, and they moved to Durham, NC, in 2013, where Jenny will continue as a full-time online instructor in art history. (jennybtucker@gmail.com)

Boerner, Michael 1998 Studio

Bower, Sharon 1996 Studio - After working for five years at Pearl River Glass Studio in Jackson as a craftswoman and glasscutter, she moved to Lawrenceburg, Indiana, and has been active as a professional glass artist. (gloriousglass@hotmail.com)

Bowling, Danielle 1999 Studio

Bradford, Rebecca 2001 Studio (double major: Education) - Rebecca is an assistant to a furniture designer in New Orleans. She traveled to France in January 2005 to view the International Furniture Show and visit French furniture manufacturers.

Brady, Jana 2007 Art History - After graduating Jana worked at the Mississippi Museum of Art as a Public Relations Associate.  She began working in public relations and events at Mississippi Public Broadcasting in June 2010. (bradyjana@gmail.com or bradyjana@yahoo.com)

Bragg, John 2002 Studio - (technoclepto@yahoo.com)

Brewer, Julie Studio - Julie received a degree in Summer 2002 from the Interior Design program, Florida State University. (JulieEB17@aol.com)

Bruce, Kate 2004 Art History - Kate worked in New Zealand for a few months in Fall 2004 and held various jobs in Gulfport, including freelance writer/photographer at the Sun Herald, assistant to the Registrar at the Ohr-O'Keefe Museum of Art, and art teacher at their summer camp. She completed her M.A. in Art History at the University of Georgia in December 2007, worked as a curatorial assistant at the Cummer Museum of Art in Jacksonville, FL, and as the Collections Manager at the Jacksonville Historical Society, and is now the assistant registrar at The Historic New Orleans Collection. (bruceke81@yahoo.com)

Brumfield, Christina 2011 Studio Art - Christina will enter the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, N.Y., in Fall 2011, and will graduate in 21 months with an Associate Culinary Degree. (phbrum@telepak.net

Burke, Liz 2000 Studio - Liz worked in a graphic design firm in San Francisco before applying to law school. (eburke@bcoinc.com)

Callaway, Elizabeth Pryor 1997 Studio - Elizabeth received her Masters in Industrial Design from the Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, and worked for a design firm that focused on exhibit design and interior architecture renovation projects. She is currently working with an architect doing contemporary residential renovation work in NYC, and is also working on her own children's furniture design project. (pryorcalla@aol.com)

Calcote, Madeleine 2015 Art History (con.: Museum Studies)- Madeleine is in the Museum Studies master's program at Baylor University. (calcote75@gmail.com

Campbell, Jimmy 1995 Studio

Carlson, Martha 2003 Studio - Martha lives in Indianapolis and has a studio in the Stutz Building, where she curated "The Art of Music" show at the Stutz Art Gallery in July 2011. She had her first gallery show in Spring 2005 at the ARTSGARDEN in Indianapolis, consisting of a series of pounded flowers, and she has also created a piece for the Purdue University School of Nursing entitled The Art of Caring, which is reproduced each year on the School's awards to donors and supporters. Her web site is Studiomcarlson.com. (marannca@gmail.com)

Carmon, Katie 2008 Studio - Katie has been working in a pharmacy before applying to medical school.

Cascio (Lewis), Kathryn 1991 Studio - Kathryn received her Ph.D. in Art Education in May 2002 from Pennsylvania State University, after getting her Master's in Art Education from the University of Alabama in 1994. She did museum education work at the Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts and Creative Discovery Museum, Chattanooga, and was an assistant professor of Art Education, Delta State University, and consultant for the MS Arts Commission. She was hired in 2006 as the Executive Director of the Greenville Arts Council. Among various honors, she received the 2005 Higher Education Art Educator of the Year Award presented by the Mississippi Art Education Association and the 2006 Mississippi Award from the National Art Education Association. She is married to Pratt Lewis and they have three children. (katcascio@aol.com)

Cashman, 'Manda 2002 Studio -  Amanda has been employed in various ways at the Mississippi Museum of Art, including conducting student tours and working in the gift shop. (cashmana@bellsouth.net)

Cauthen, Amanda 1995 Studio

Chastain, Courtney 2002 Studio - Courtney is currently working at Cingular Wireless in Biloxi and looking for an art-related job in Marketing or Advertising (Courtney.Chastain@cingular.com)

Chrzan, Agnieszka 2001 Studio & Art History - Agnieszka is currently in the architecture program at the University of Krakow. (chrzanha@hotmail.com)

Clark, Carolyn 1995 Studio (double major: Theater) - Carolyn taught ESL in Korea and now teaches Early Childhood and Lower School Art at the Trinity School of Texas.

Clark, Steve Studio - After further study in performance art at the Art Institute in Chicago Steve is now doing web design as the creative director for Merge Healthcare, which produces software and web products for imaging, anesthesiology and cardiology. (steve@merrickventures.com)

Colonias, Lisa 1998 Art History - Lisa received her M.A. in Anthropology from the University of Southern Mississippi, 2002, and completed her law degree at Mississippi College in May 2008 (lcolonias@comcast.net)

Crouch-Rumbley, Grace 2000 Studio - Grace worked at an architectural firm in Baton Rouge while finishing her master's in architecture at Louisiana State University. She also acquired job experience at LSU in computer design (mostly using Photoshop & AutoCAD). She is currently an Associate Professor of Art and Design at Southern University, Baton Rouge, teaching Architectural Design Studio courses I and II, Beginning Technical Drawing, Computer Rendering in Photoshop and 3D studio Max, and Research Methods I. She is an Associate AIA (American Institute of Architects). (ccrouc1@lsu.edu)

Dean (Boudreaux), Jennifer 1992 Art History - Jennifer has run a B&B and worked in a fine arts gallery in the French Quarter of New Orleans (involved in marketing, research, copywrite work, advertising, website design, and writing articles for antique publications). (jendeanbx@gmail.com)

Deen, Parker 1991 Studio - Parker is a photographer in Decorah, Iowa, married to Matthew Alexander. She was formerly an early intervention teacher after earning her Master's in Early Childhood Special Education at the University of Iowa. One of her photographs was awarded first place in the Amateur division of the New Zealand Hutt Valley Breastfeeding Photography Competition in 2003.  (deenster@oneota.net)

Dessauer, Carly 2005 Art History - Carly completed her M.A. in Art History at the University of Texas, Austin, in December 2007, and she finished her law degree at St. Mary's in San Antonio. She began working in appeals at the Harris County District Attorney's Office in Houston in 2013. (cndessauer@yahoo.com)

Doussan, Susan 2011 Art History Susan works for Mignon Faget, a jewelry design gallery in New Orleans. (s.doussan@gmail.com or sdoussan@gmail.com)

Dowdy, Elizabeth 1995 Studio (double major: Psychology)

Drummond, Sue Carrie 2012 Studio - Sue Carrie began working toward her M.F.A. degree at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia in Fall 2013. In Spring 2014 she exhibited a letterpress book through a book arts collective in New Orleans called SIFT and a quilted book at an exhibit at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville. She will be doing an internship at the American Philosophical Society in book conservation during the summer of 2014 , learning how to repair and preserve historic books.  (suecarriedrummond@gmail.com)

Edwards, Jennifer 1995 Studio - Jennifer is the Visual Resources Curator at the University of Memphis. (papillon26@usa.net)

Eden, Chris 2011 Art History - Chris is working on campus for the 2011-12 academic year as a graduate assistant for the Office of Student Life. (edencj23@yahoo.com)

Egan, Courtney 1988 Studio - Courtney was in graduate school at the Maryland Institute of Art (1989-91) and taught art at the elementary and secondary level for 5 years. Her work was in the 2001 Louisiana Open exhibition at the Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans. She taught media arts at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (video production, editing, and motion graphics), and had a show at Loyola in 2005-06. In 2012 Courtney won the Cinema Reset Award (for experimental film) at the New Orleans Film Festival, and she currently works with a visual and literary arts collective called Press Street (www.press-street.com). (courtney@courtneyegan.net)

Emmert, Lee 1997 Studio - Lee is a commercial photographer in Dallas. See his web site at Lee-Emmert.com (lee@lee-emmert.com)

Erdim, Nicole Neidlinger 2001 Art History - Nicole completed her M.A. in TESOL (teaching English to speakers of other languages) at the University of Mississippi in Fall 2002, and taught ESL in the public schools in Virginia for four years. She and her husband Burak, with their 2-year-old daughter Suna, are currently living in Izmir, Turkey, while Burak is doing dissertation research in architectural history. (erdim@earthlink.net or erdim@worldnet.att.net)

Fang, Masaki 2012 Studio - Masaki (Yuan Fang) has returned to her home country of China and would love to remain in touch. (fang.jiaruo@gmail.com)

Farrell, Betsy 2000 Art History - Betsy got her degree in architecture at Auburn. See http://www.seedwiki.com/wiki/%20wikifish/betsy_farrell?wpid=128838 (farreer@auburn.edu)

Felgar, Francesca 2010 Art History (con.: Museum Studies). Francesca moved to Boston after graduating. (francescaflgr538@gmail.com)

Fitz, Daniel 2006 Studio - Daniel worked as a steel detailer after graduating. He married in 2006 and began work on an Engineering degree in January 2007. (fitzdaniel@gmail.com)

Fossen, Beth 2010 Studio (double major in Business).  Beth started the Ph.D. program in Marketing at Emory in 2011.  (fossenb@gmail.com

Francis (Schupbach), Jordan 2005 Art History - After initially working in a Jackson law firm and volunteering at the MS Museum of Art, Jordan joined the Admissions team at Millsaps as a recruiter. She is now the Assistant Director of Marketing at Torq/Lite and lives in Houston. (jordanleighfrancis@gmail.com or jfrancis@erols.com)

Freeney, Claire 2002 Studio - Claire finished her master's in December 2003 at the University of Southern Mississippi in construction engineering. She was the first woman in that university's history to do so, and the first person in nine years to complete this degree! She is now with Walter Rice, Inc., in Nashville where she manages construction projects and is also able to find a little time to return to her personal art.  She married Tom Pitt, also a Millsaps alum, in 2005, and they had a son, Samuel Henry, in March 2012. (freenac@gmail.com)

Gardes, Lauren 2000 Studio

Gee (Solomon), Mary 1989 Studio - Mary received her M.A. in Art History from Florida State University. She is married to Mark Solomon and they have two sons (William and Matthew). She worked for two years at the MS Museum of Art in the collections and education departments, and also worked three years at the Barnum Museum (a history museum) in collections. She currently teaches art to grades K-4 in Connecticut. (geesolomon@mindspring.com)

Giles, Kelly 1996 Studio

Glatzer, Lura 2013 Studio (con.: Digital Arts)

Glemot, Suzanne 2013 Studio - After graduation Suzanne accepted a position as Admissions Counselor for Millsaps, where she is working to increase the number of students interested in the visual and performing arts. (glemost@millsaps.edu)

Goodman (Weber), Lara 1988 Studio - Lara has had various jobs in New York, including dubbing fashion videos, working with an art publicist, working with the CBS TV Operations Unit, and serving as an administrator for the 20th Century Decorative Arts Department at Sotheby's. She is now volunteering at the Children's Art Museum, Oakland, CA, and is married to Rick Weber, with one son, Christopher. (rwlwcw@earthlink.net)

Gray, Isabel 2015 Art History- Isabel is the Education Resource and Outreach Specialist at the Eudora Welty House and Garden in Jackson. (igray@mdah.state.ms.us or isabelgray18@gmail.com)

Gourlay, Erin 2004 Art History - Erin received her M.A. in Art History from Richmond University, the American International School in London, with a focus on 18th-century Ethiopian illuminated manuscripts.  She is currently in London working in publishing. (erin.gourlay@gmail.com or eegourlay@hotmail.com)

Gutti (Ingram), Vimala 2006 Art History (double major: Economics) - Vimala worked in Admissions at Millsaps before getting her MBA from the University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa.  She is currently the Marketing Coordinator for a home services company in Memphis. (vimala320@gmail.com)

Haley, Melanie 2001 Studio & Art History - Melanie has been taking graduate classes at LSU and has applied to the Comparative Literature Department there. (mhaley4@lsu.edu)

Hall, Lori 1996 Studio

Halverson, Pete 1993 Studio - Pete has worked as the head framer at Dueringer and Bryant Galleries and was the assistant manager at Nunnery's Gallery (all in Jackson), and is currently a webmaster in Jackson and a graphic designer for the University Press of Mississippi. He is married to Lucy Molinaro (a 1994 graduate of Millsaps). (pete@artquake.net)

Harris, Ashley 2005 Studio

Hardwick, Clay 2009 Studio (con.: Digital Arts) - For Clay's web site see http://www.echomech.com/ (clay@echomech.com)

Hardwick, Kalea 2008 Studio (bittiealla05@aol.com)

Harmon, Holly 2008 Art History - Holly received her M.A. in Art History from Syracuse University in 2010, with a thesis on Jackie Winsor (for which she interviewed the artist in New York and also received a Master's Prize for an outstanding thesis).  After graduating from Syracuse she had internships at the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, D.C., and the National Museum of Women in the Arts, Fall 2010, and in Feb. 2011 Holly accepted the position of Interpretive Specialist at the Detroit Institute of the Arts. She worked in the Learning and Interpretation department creating educational materials to accompany works of art in the permanent collection and temporary exhibitions. In Fall 2013 Holly moved to Brooklyn where she started a job as Associate Manager of Interpretive Materials at the Brooklyn Museum of Art.  (harmohe@gmail.com)

Harvel (Dotson), Anna 1992 Studio - Anna worked at Cirlot Agency (an advertising, marketing, & public relations company in Jackson) as a graphic artist, then as art director and production manager.

Haverty (Cooper), Coughlin 1992 Art History - Coughlin lives in Chattanooga, TN, with her husband Jed Cooper, a lawyer, and their daughter Mary Sue.  She attended culinary school at Johnson & Wales University in Vail, CO, in 1995, was involved in events planning, and is now the Assistant Director at the Association for Visual Arts in Tennessee. (ccooper@avarts.org)

Hawkins (Young), Joan 1995 Studio - Joan worked at Pearl River Glass Studio after graduating and now runs Joan Hawkins Art & Interiors in Jackson's Fondren neighborhood (joanyoung.ai@gmail.com)

Helo (Rogers), Crystal 2003 Studio - Crystal and Joseph (and their son Hunter) are back in Lafayette, and Crystal is the manager of a gift shop called The Silver Suitcase.  She completed a major art project in 2008 (14 paintings!) for a local business. (c17rogers@yahoo.com)

Hendricks (Morrison), Laine 2003 Art History - Laine married Robbie Morrison in 2004 and completed the art history master's program at Vanderbilt in 2006. She taught a survey art history course in Ancient and Medieval Art at Belmont University in Nashville after completing her master's.  She and Robbie moved to Virginia for Robbie's medical residency, and she taught an art history course at Christopher Newport University in Newport News in Fall 2007.  She and Robbie moved back to Nashville in Summer 2008. (laine.h.morrison@gmail.com

Hetrick, Lucy 1987 Studio - Lucy is a graphic designer for the state of Mississippi, working for the MS Development Authority. She designed the MS state car tag that came out in Fall 2012, as well as the brochure for the MS Picnic in New York City.

Hewitt, Jade 2012 Studio (con.: Digital Arts)

Hildebrand, Emily 2006 Studio - Emily taught art in the Jackson Public School system for two years after graduating, and in Fall 2009 returned to Millsaps to work in Admissions. (emilyhildebrandart@gmail.com or mjart10099@aol.com)

Howe, Alyce 2008 Studio - Alyce worked for a year as Assistant Art Curator at the Louisiana Art and Science Museum in Baton Rouge after graduating, and in Fall 2009 returned to Millsaps to work with the Admissions team. (alyce.howe@gmail.com)

Husband, Shannon 1999 Studio - Shannon works in an advertising agency in Jackson.

Isbell, Heather 2003 Art History (double major: English) - Heather completed her master's degree in Arts and Cultural Management at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, where she also interned at the NY office of the MacDowell Colony, an artists colony in New Hampshire.  She's now returned to Memphis and is working for the Memphis Museum System in the Development office.  (hkisbell@hotmail.com or heather.isabel@memphis.gov)

Jacks, Holly 2005 Studio - Holly is teaching art history at a community college in her home town of Dyersburg, TN.  (artofholly@gmail.com)

Jackson (Atteberry), Alicia 1992 Studio - Alicia married Phil Atteberry, 1994, and they have two sons (Cooper and Jackson). She currently works as a decorative painter of murals (her business name is Just Faux Fun). (philalicia@cs.com)

James, Sarah 2013 Art History (con.: Museum Studies)- (sarahjames@carolina.rr.com)

Johnson, Daniel 2011 Studio Art - After graduating Daniel served as the Lewis Art Gallery director at Millsaps and also continued to be active in the Jackson community. He was an organizer for the Mississippi Improv Alliance bringing together multidisciplinary free improvisations for creators to communicate with their media in real time. He has worked on the board of VSA Arts of Mississippi providing opportunities for people with disabilities to work with and in the arts. He has hosted an arts and culture podcast called Mississippi Happening and led the organization of a multi-arts Jackson showcase for five years in a row. In the same vein, he was also the 2013 visual art curator for the Jackson FIGMENT festival of interactive arts. Recently he was the lead writer for a successful Our Town grant from the NEA which provided $75,000 towards the development of a creative business hub in the Midtown community. He was hired by the Mississippi Museum of Art in 2014 as Master Teaching Artist and Studio Coordinator, which led to his promotion to the position of Director of Engagement and Learning at the museum.  (djohnson@msmuseumart.org or om_peace2you@hotmail.com)

Jones, Candace 2007 Studio

Jones, Heather 1992 Studio - Heather worked in a Guatemalan orphanage for a year, then in a home for abused children in North Carolina. She received her M.F.A. in Art Therapy from Pratt Institute of Art, Brooklyn, in 2001, after which she began working as an art therapist at Manhattan Psychiatric Center in N.Y. In 2003 she worked within the shelter system and started an art therapy program for mentally ill and chemically addicted homeless persons living in New York City. This experience led to creating a 2004 public exhibition "The Art of Recovery" in collaboration with renowned NYC artist and activist Danny Simmons. Heather worked as a NY state licensed mental health professional at Rivington House Health Care Facility for persons living with HIV/AIDS, substance abuse, and mental illness. In 2006 she established the facilities' first creative arts studio, focusing on rehabilitation and pain management. Heather recently worked on the filming of a DVD funded by a grant from the MAC foundation, highlighting the use of art therapy for the management of pain. In fall 2007 she returned to school to pursue a psychiatric nurse practitioner degree at Hunter College. (psychobbq@yahoo.com or hfj202@nyu.edu)

Jordan, Erin 2011 Art History (double major: Anthropology) - After graduating Erin returned to Tanzania for a year where she taught school and started a Photovoice project with some of her students. She started a Master's program in Anthropology at Louisiana State University in Fall 2014. (e.jordan312@gmail.com)

Kawarazuka, Kaori 1997 Studio

Kawarazuka, Takeshi 1997 Studio

Kennedy, Douglas 2013 Art History (con.: Museum Studies) - Douglas completed his MBA at Millsaps in May 2014, and was hired as the Visitor Services Manager at the Mississippi Museum of Art in Spring 2014. He was employed as the Communications Coordinator at the Louisiana Art & Science Museum.

King, Samantha 2005 Studio - Sam is working on her master's in teaching (art!) at the University of Tennessee. (Samantha@SamanthaKing.net)

Koenig, Christine 2003 Studio (ackoenig1980@yahoo.com)

Lang, Bill 1986 Studio - Bill has an M.A. in Public Relations from USM, and after serving as Public Relations Director for Lewis Communications in Birmingham he became the public relations manager of Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama in 2003. (bill.lang@pchresorts.com)

Ledbetter, Samantha 2012 Studio

Lowe, David 1997 Studio (double major: English) - David received his M.F.A. from Pratt Institute, 2000, and in October 2001 was Artist in Residence at Europos Parkas, Vilnius, Lithuania. He has been in various group exhibitions in Brooklyn and Manhattan, and as of 2003 has been working at the New York Public Library, where he is currently the Photography Specialist and Assistant to the Photography Curator.  He installed a piece entitled The Heavens in the Cathedral of St. John Divine in New York in 2003, and had a show at Roanoke College in that same year. (disneycorporation@hotmail.com)

Luckett (Baker), Ellen 1995 Art History - Ellen got her Master's in Public Administration (focus in Nonprofit Management) from Georgia State University, 2002. She worked for four years managing the docent program at the High Museum of Art, Atlanta, and currently works in the Development Department at the Alliance Theatre Company. (ellenbaker@gmail.com)

Mancini (Mozingo), Lauren 1997 Studio - Lauren received her M.A. in Advertising and Public Relations from the University of Alabama, and has worked as an advertising Account Executive at GodwinGroup since then. (lauren.mozingo@comcast.net)

Manley (Harris), Toni 2009 Studio - Toni is teaching art at Forest Hill High School (toni.rae.harris@gmail.com)

Martin, Ashley 1999 Art History - After graduation Ashley was an assistant designer in the architectural department of Ingram Construction Company in Madison, and was in charge of the company's presentation materials and newsletter. She moved to North Carolina in 2001 where she became Production Manager for the News Herald newspaper in Morganton (graphic arts position; design and production of advertising). (ashleyamartin99@yahoo.com)

Martin (Tarver), Emily 2000 Studio - Emily is in medical school at UMC. (Emily_tarver@hotmail.com)

Massey [Chandler], Caroline 2008 Art History (con.: Museum Studies) - Caroline worked at an art and framing shop in Tulsa, OK, before entering a Master's program in Museum Science and Management at the University of Tulsa in the fall of 2011. One of her research papers, which used WWI propaganda posters to demonstrate how Germans were transformed into racial Others during the war, won first place (out of 177 papers!) at a recent graduate research colloquium. After receiving her M.A., she was hired as the Archivist/Administrative Assistant at the Congregation B'nai Emunah in Tulsa. (massecl@gmail.com)

Maxson, Courtney 2010 Studio (double major in Geophysics) - Courtney was accepted into the Master's program in Climatology at Columbia University for Fall 2011. (26536@sjamail.net)

McGaw, Katie 2001 Art History - Katie went to law school at Loyola University in New Orleans, and is now working in New Orleans as a Staff Attorney with the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. (voorhies@ca5.usgourts.gov)

McLaurin, Edward 2005 Studio - After graduation Edward worked as an Art Director at the Operation Shoestring after-school program in Jackson. He also worked for a short period of time at Michael's Art and Crafts as a professional framer. In 2007 Edward created a body of work entitled "Black Cotton." This work was exhibited at Parkway Interiors Gallery in Clinton, MS, and also at the Southern Breeze Gallery in Ridgeland, MS. During this time Edward also worked as a portrait artist. He moved to Los Angeles in 2009 and has presented work at the Riordan Wine Gala at the Beverly Hills Country Club. He is a Web Communications Specialist at Korn Ferry in L.A. To view Edward's latest work see www.artofedmclaurin.com. (artofedmclaurin@gmail.com)

McLeod, John 2001 Studio - After working for several years as an independent artist in Jackson, John returned to his home state of Tennessee and is an active sculptor in Chattanooga. His first museum show was at Booth Western Art Museum in Cartersville, Ga., 2007. See his web site at www.johnmcleod.net. (john@johnmcleod.net)

Meredith (Powell), Meg 2002 Studio - After graduating Meg worked for a small real estate company in Memphis updating their website, creating mailers, flyers, and other types of advertising, and was then employed in the marketing department of American Home Shield, which sells home warranties.  She moved back to Jackson in 2007, where she promotes health and wellness across North Mississippi through her position at Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi. In her spare time, Meg volunteers through the Junior League of Jackson at the Blair Batson Hospital for Children doing arts and crafts with the patients.  She and her husband Davis (also a Millsaps alum) were married in September of 2007. (megpowell@hotmail.com)

Michael, Jo Lynn 1984 Studio - Jo Lynn took some graduate painting classes at Mississippi College after leaving Millsaps. She is the owner of Plants Alive, Etc. (a full service florist and interior plant business) and Jo Lynn Michael Properties, Inc. (real estate and residential remodeling). Her art in various media is sold locally. (jolynnmichael@aol.com)

Miyamoto, Ryuta 2000 Studio - Ryuta is the assistant director for Japanese TV production (ryuta@h3.dion.ne.jp)

Moore, Kimberly 2008 Studio - (sassy82385@yahoo.com)

Morgan (Maestri), Claire 2001 Art History - Claire has been Director of Senior Care Services at Mom's Best Friend in Dallas since 2009. She and her husband Scott have two children. (mailto:claire.maestri@mbfagency.com

Morse, Reilly 1979 Studio - Reilly received his law degree from the University of Mississippi in 1983, and clerked for the MS Supreme Court. He was formerly an attorney in commercial and insurance partnership, and is now a solo attorney with a practice specializing in commercial and environmental law. He is also a part-time judge in the Gulfport Municipal Court. He continues to paint.  (morse_r@bellsouth.net)

Nelson, Rebecca 2003 Studio - Rebecca married Peter Cosmiano. (beccacay@aol.com)

Newsom (Phillips), Hannah 2004 Art History - (hannahliz22@yahoo.com)

Noel, Deborah 2005 Studio (dnoel@comcast.net)

O'Brien, Bridget 2006 Studio (bbobrien@gmail.com  - Bridget would be glad to advise students about the University of Georgia Cortona study abroad program.

Oliver, Nora 2005 Art History - Nora graduated from medical school at UMC in 2010, after taking time out to get her master's of public health at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. In 2013 she completed her Internal Medicine residency at the University of Maryland in Baltimore and remained as one of the chief residents the following year. (oliver.nora@gmail.com)

Osborne, Chip 1997 Studio

Oswalt (Hood), Cynthia 2003 Studio - Cynthia married Joey Hood in November 2003, and in May 2004 they moved to Pascagoula.  Their home was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, so they've temporarily relocated to Mobile, but they continue to work in Ocean Springs and Pascagoula.  Cynthia's an account manager at First American Printing and Direct Mail in Ocean Springs, and is their outside sales rep for the MS Gulf Coast. (cynthiah@fapdm.com)

Palmer, Michelle 2008 Art History - Michelle completed her Master's in Historic Preservation in the Architecture School at Tulane University in the summer of 2009, and is now working with the Historic District Landmarks Commission as the Building Plans Examiner for Uptown neighborhoods (Algiers Point, Irish Channel, Lower Garden District, Garden District, and St. Charles Avenue). She was then hired as the Architectural Historian at the URS Corporation and since 2014 has been the Architectural Historian at AECOM in Atlanta. (palmelm@gmail.com)

Parker, Murphey 2010 Studio (con.: Digital Arts) (aparke4@learnlink.emory.edu)

Partridge, Andie 2013 Art History (con.: Museum Studies)

Paulson, Jay 2000 Studio (double major: Computer Science) - Jay worked for a telecommunications company in Texas (developing small programs for the web), then for LBJS Broadcasting in Austin (where he was a web master for their six radio stations).

Pemberton (McGrew), Neely 1986 Studio - After graduating Neely spent 5 years as a graphic designer and then moved into fundraising for United Cerebral Palsy, followed by public relations management for GTE Wireless.  More recently, she has been an Account Planner with a large advertising agency in Memphis. (neely.mcgrew@gmail.com)

Pennebaker, Leigh 2001 Studio - Leigh moved to New York after graduation where she has studied at the Art Students' League, has been resident costume designer for Our Time Theatre Company, and has had her wire sculpture displayed in various N.Y. stories, including Saks Fifth Avenue, and also Shreve Crump and Lowe in Boston. In 2004 eighty-five of her wire sculptures were exhibited in the windows of Barneys New York (Madison Avenue at 61st Street). Leigh and her husband Taro Alexander (founder and artistic director of OUr Time Theatre) just had a beautiful baby boy, Jackson Miles Alexander, on June 11, 2007. Check out her recent work at www.leighpennebaker.com. (leigh@leighpennebaker.com)

Pesson, Hillary 2001 Studio - Hillary taught art at the elementary and high school level, and was also responsible for the high school newspaper, web page, and annual. She is currently in the M.F.A. program at Memphis College of Art. (HPesson@aol.com)

Popwell, Carol Allen 1989 Studio - Carol received her M.A. in art education in 1992 from the University of Alabama. She taught English in Japan for 2 years through the JET program, and since 1995 has been an elementary art teacher.

Puckett, Mathew 2008 Studio - Mathew has exhibited at Fischer Galleries in Fondren and in the Mississippi Invitational at the MS Museum of Art. He is currently working on his M.F.A. at the Memphis College of Art. (mathew.puckett@gmail.com)

Purves, Allison 2011 Art History (con.: Museum Studies; double major: Religious Studies) - After a summer internship at the Art Museum of Southeast Texas, helping to research and write a catalogue of their permanent collection, Allison moved to Nashville in August 2011 to work for Conexion Americas running their language exchange program. She is starting divinity school at Emory University's Candler School of Theology in Fall 2013. (allisonpurves@gmail.com)

Rilko Tamara 2009 Art History - Mara is living in Madison and raising a beautiful baby girl. (trrilko@gmail.com or trilko@aol.com)

Robertson, Chase 1994 French (Art History minor) - Chase received her M.A. in Historic Preservation at the University of Georgia in 1997 and worked in New Orleans as an independent consultant. (chasermartin@gmail.com)

Robbins, Kathleen 1998 Studio - Kathleen received her M.F.A. from the University of New Mexico in 2001. In 2002-03 she was a photography instructor (sabbatical replacement) at Delta State University, and had a spring 2002 show of her photographs at Wetherbee House Gallery, Greenville. She left Delta State in the fall of 2003 to begin teaching photography as an assistant professor at the University of South Carolina. (robbinskr@bellsouth.net or KRobb4285@aol.com)

Rogers, Ruthie 2007 Art History - After graduation Ruthie worked as an intern at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden and then full-time as part of the Marketing Department at the Arboretum and overseer of Public Events. After moving to New Orleans she served as the Coordinator of Special Events at the New Orleans Museum of Art. In 2013 Ruthie and her husband, also a Millsaps alum, moved back to Jackson for his job, and she worked part-time at the Mississippi Children's Museum while taking evening classes at Tulane in Madison. Ruthie had a beautiful baby boy in March 2014 and that summer was hired as the Director of Participation at the Mississippi Museum of Art. (rogers.ruthie@gmail.com) (rmassey@noma.org)

Royals (Wynn), Mary Ann 1999 Studio

Samples, Jenn 2004 Art History - Jenn spent the year of 2004-05 teaching English in China and start medical school at UMC in Fall 2006. (samplje@yahoo.com)

Sanusi (Gele), Monica 1994 Art History & Studio - Monica is Director of Development at the Academy of the Sacred Heart in New Orleans, which just dedicated its impressive new arts and athletics center.  Previously she was an arts business consultant, and her clients included the Arts Council of New Orleans, Thomas Mann Design & Wayne Amedee. Before that she worked for the Mississippi Museum of Art, the Arts Alliance of Jackson & Hinds County, the Craftsman's Guild of MS, USA International Ballet Competition and established the first Fresh Art Festival for Arts Council of New Orleans. (mgele@ashrosary.org or gele@cox.net)

Savelyeva, Kseniya 2012 Studio

Schreiber, Virginia 2011 Art History - Virginia moved to Los Angeles after graduation to explore a career as a production assistant (with a special interest in wardrobe and costume). Her interest also included photography and she worked in 2012 as the photo editor and staff photographer at the Jackson Free Press and BOOM Jackson. She continued to do production assistant work on films in Mississippi (including costume assistant for As I Lay Dying), and she will be starting a master's program in Preservation and Presentation of the Moving Image at the University of Amsterdam in Fall 2014 (virginia.schreiber@gmail.com or ginfoster92088@aol.com)

Sheffield (Currie), Jennifer 1993 Art History - Jennifer received her M.A. in Art History from Florida State University in 1997, and worked at the Ringling Museum of Art, Sarasota, FL. She's now living in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, with her daughter Isabel and her new husband Joel Haynes, a decorative artist.  Jennifer is developing Star Tree Studio for handmade gifts, accessories, and fine art. (jenniferesc5@adelphia.net)

Simmons, Emily 2015 Art History- Emily is the Arts Educator at the Mississippi Children's Museum. (esimmons@mcm.ms or emilygracesimmons@gmail.com)

Skipper, Julie 2001 Art History - Julie attended law school at Vanderbilt University, where she received her J.D. in 2004. After graduation, she returned to Jackson and practiced law with Wells Marble & Hurst, PLLC, and McGlinchey Stafford,PLLC. After a brief stint in the nonprofit sector at the Community Foundation of Greater Jackson, she joined Watkins Development to work on the Farish Street Entertainment District project. A passionate believer in Jackson's growth and revitalization, Julie serves on the Advisory Council for Downtown Jackson Partners, the board of DiverseCity Diner, and several committees of the Greater Jackson Chamber Partnership's Vision 2022 plan. She founded and is president of the Downtown Neighborhood Association and a member of St. Andrew's Episcopal Cathedral. She writes a bi-weekly column for the Jackson Free Press and, in her spare time, enjoys taking advantage of Jackson's art, music, and restaurant scenes. (juliecskipper@gmail.com)

Smuck, Carol 1995 Art History

Songcharoen, Amarasri (Marci) 1995 Art History - Marci received her Master's in Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania in 1999. She worked as an architect and lighting designer in New York City and Boston on projects ranging from high-end residential and hospitality to large corporate complexes and public spaces.  She has taught graduate level studio at the Boston Architectural College from 2003-2005.  Marci and her husband Emory Smith (also from Jackson) currently reside in London, England, where she is an architect and lighting designer.  She is also on the Board of Trustees of Architecture for Humanity-UK. (amsongs@mac.com)   

Starke, Megan 2014 Art History (con.: Museum Studies) - Megan is completing a master's program in art history at the University of Oregon. (mestarke.ms@gmail.com)

Tumu, Hari 1992 English (Art History minor) - Hari is a neurosurgeon in Austin, Texas. (haritumu@gmail.com)

Turner-Ballard, Cece 2003 Studio - Cece started the Counselor Education Program at Ole Miss in Fall 2005.

Tutor, Travis 2008 Art History

Tyler, Bill 1979 Studio - For the website of Bill's graphic design work, see http://www.billtylerdesigns.com/ (bill@billtylerdesigns.com)

Vackova, Petra 2008 Art History & Studio - Petra completed her M.A. degree in Contemporary Art History at Leiden University in the Netherlands (her thesis was on Third Wave feminism, focusing on the Global Feminism exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum). She followed that up with an M.F.A. (2011) from the Dutch Art Institute in Arnhem, The Netherlands (her thesis was focused on the Prague Biennale as an example of the unresolved tensions between the art worlds of Eastern and Western Europe). She also co-organized an art exhibit at the Czech Cultural Center of the Czech Embassy in the Netherlands that will introduce young Czech artists to the "West". She has also exhibited her work at a gallery in Gdansk, Poland. Petra married Sergio Ioppolo in 2012 and moved to Los Angeles, where she is a Contemporary Art Start Ambassador (tours for K-12 schools) at the Museum of Contemporary Art, a researcher and blogger for the website LA Arts Resources, and an after school teacher at the Nobel Education Institute. (pet.chandan@gmail.com)

Vincent, Matthew 1997 Elementary Education (Art History minor) - Matthew spent two years teaching in Korea and is now teaching fifth grade in Baltimore. (mgvincent73@gmail.com)

Waites, Patrick 2007 Art History - Patrick is Private Events Coordinator at Mohawk Austin, and lives in Austin, TX. (waitepn@gmail.com)

Walker, Virginia 2002 Art History - Virginia completed her M.A. in art history at Vanderbilt in 2005, with a thesis on "Bird-men: Mississippian Images of the Political and Religious Elite."  She is currently in the doctoral program in art history at the University of Texas, Austin, focusing on Mesoamerican art. Virginia was married in December 2009. (walkevk@hotmail.com)

Walter, Nicole 2005 Studio - Nicole is teaching high school art, English, Biology, and Spanish and is starting the application process for architecture programs. (slithy21@hotmail.com)

Wardlaw (Rice), Lyle 1996 Studio (double major: Elementary Education) - After taking some graphic arts and advertising classes in Memphis, Lyle has worked at several advertising agencies, most recently at Thompson & Company (lyle@thompson-co.com)

Watkins, Georgia 1991 Studio - Georgia got her degree in social work at the University of Alabama, Birmingham, and currently works as a Senior Magistrate in the Jefferson County Family Court. She's married, with one son and two stepchildren.

Webb, Jonathan 2008 Studio - Jonathan is currently working as the Lewis Art Gallery director at Millsaps and also serving as the Millsaps coordinator for Lilly Internships. (webbjr1@gmail.com)

White (Gibbons), Leanna 2011 Art History (con.: Museum Studies) - After graduation Leanna traveled to Europe and now works at Sotheby's in London.  (vetlew@aol.com)

Willoughby (Swayze), Meg 1994 Art History - Meg received her M.A. in Gallery Studies from the University of Essex, England, in 1996, then taught studio and art history in public and private schools and also at the junior college and college level. She completed her M.F.A. at Mississippi College and moved to Lexington, KY, with her husband, where she home-schooled her three children and taught in the Adult Program at Indiana Wesleyan University. She was then hired by Asbury University in Wilmore, KY, to teach art history survey and art appreciation and to run the art gallery on campus. (r.swayze5@gmail.com)

Yasumoto, Hideki 1998 Studio (hidekiyasumoto@hotmail.com)

Young, Walter 2005 Studio - After graduating Walter worked for a marketing company where he did video editing and graphic design, and he is now a sleep lab manager.  He also has a radio show that plays exclusively Mississippi rock music. (walteryoung@gmail.com)

Zeber (Seymour), Stephanie 1997 Studio (sseymour@gmail.com)