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Kappa Pi Art Honorary


The Zeta Alpha Kappa chapter of the Kappa Pi Art Honorary was established at Millsaps in Fall 2003, spearheaded by art major Leslie Aldridge who graduated in 2004. Kappa Pi, the international honorary organization for studio and art history students, began in 1911 at the University of Kentucky. Our chapter is dedicated to promoting artistic and academic excellence in the Millsaps Art Department and strengthening the community of students who are dedicated to the visual arts. Beginning in 2012, student members, who are elected annually, must have met the following requirements:

  • at least 12 hours of art courses at Millsaps 
  • a minimum average GPA of 3.2 in their art courses at Millsaps
  • a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0

Officers and Initiates


Officer: Megan Starke (president)

Members: Elizabeth Allen, Anna Nations, Megan Starke

Inducted: Madeleine Calcote, Isabel Gray, Rebeccah Lenhart, Emily Simmons


Officers: Suzanne Glemot (president), Douglas Kennedy (vice president)

Members: Elizabeth Allen, Eric Bennett, Sarah James, Anna Nations, Jack Powers, Erin Sanders, Megan Starke

Inducted: Kelsey Steen, Kara Sowell, Kelsey Smith


Officer: Sue Carrie Drummond (president)

Inducted members: Sarah Archino, Suzanne Glemot, Jade Hewitt, Samantha Ledbetter, Molly Morin, Jack Powers, Ksenyia Savelyeva, Megan Starke.

(L to R): Sue Carrie Drummond, Prof. Sarah Archino, Suzanne Glemot, Megan Starke, Samantha Ledbetter, Jack Powers, Jade Hewitt, Ksenyia Savelyeva, Prof. Molly Morin, Prof. Sandra Murchison


Officer: Erin Jordan (president)

Initiates: Sarah Jo Adams, Austin Baker, Sue Carrie Drummond, Masaki Fang, Suzanne Glemot, Holly Harlan, Jade Hewitt, Sarah James, Daniel Johnson, Samantha Ledbetter, Courtney Maxson, Jack Powers, Megan Redhead, Ksenyia Savelyeva

Kappa Pi, 2011
(L to R) Sarah Jo Adams, Austin Baker, Erin Jordan, Chris Eden, and Allison Purves



Officers: Beth Fossen (president) and Erin Jordan (vice president)

Initiates: Christina Brumfield, Bernadette DeRussy, Chris Eden, Mark Herndon, Laura Howe, Erin Jordan, Jennifer McKinley, Allison Purves, and Ginsie Simmons



Officers: Beth Fossen (president) and Mary Wilson (vice president)

Initiates: Ann Blumer, Beth Fossen, Caroline Massey, Kimberly Moore, Mary Wilson



Officers: Holly Harmon (president) and Petra Vackova (vice president)

Initiates: Katie Carmon, Sam Gay



Officers: Lorene Dodd (president), Holly Harmon (vice president), and Candace Jones (secretary-treasurer)

Initiates: Lacey Cook, Courtney Costello, Lorene Dodd, Clay Hardwick, Holly Harmon, Alyce Howe, Rachel Mixson, Travis Tutor, and Jonathan Webb



Officers: Jason Jarin (president), Petra Vackova (vice president), and Vimala Gutti (secretary/treasurer)

Initiates: Michelle Allen, Jenny Blount, Emily Hildebrand, Candace Jones, Calista Sasser, and Petra Vackova

Kappa Pi, 2005
(L to R) Jason Jarin, Jordan Francis, Carly Dessauer, Kate Dyess, Edward McLaurin, Elise Smith, Sandra Murchison, and Nora Oliver



Officers: Nora Oliver (president), Jordan Francis (vice president), Edward McLaurin (secretary), and Nicole Walter (treasurer)

Initiates: Carie Balton, Katie Brown, Kate Dyess, Vimala Gutti, Jason Jarin, Bridget O'Brien, and Aggie Sikora 



Officers: Leslie Aldridge (president), Nora Oliver (vice president), Hannah Newson (secretary), Erin Gourlay (treasurer)

Initiates: Carly Dessauer, Jordan Francis, Edward McLaurin, Walter Young



Initiates (Charter Members):  Leslie D. Aldridge, Kate Bruce, Martha Carlson, Erin Gourlay, Samantha King, Amy Loy, Hannah Newson, Nora Oliver, Nicole Walter