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Study Abroad

Department of Art


There's nothing like seeing real art, in the flesh!

Talking about art in a classroom, looking at slides or other images, can certainly be educational, enlightening, even fun, but all art majors should plan on experiencing at least some actual art objects first-hand before they graduate. This can be done here in Jackson, of course, or on travels to New York, Washington, or other major American cities. But a trip to Europe is a different experience altogether. We encourage all of you to travel as much as possible, especially on academic programs that will help you engage other cultures in meaningful ways. Millsaps' own study-abroad sessions can take you to cities such as London, Paris, Nice, Munich, Florence, Rome, Athens, and Merida and Kiuic in Mexico, among others, or you can participate in programs run by other institutions.

How should you begin looking for the best program?

Here are some suggestions:

1) Check out the information on the Millsaps College Study Abroad Programs or visit the International Education Office in Sullivan-Harrell 248.

2) Search online at one of the following:

At each of these sites you can specify the kind of coursework you'd like to study (e.g. Fine Arts or Art History) as well as the country or region, and you'll find a range of programs to consider.

3) Look at specific programs - for example: