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Department of Biology

Dr. Debora Mann -
Assistant Professor and Chair of the Department
Courses: General Botany, General Zoology, Ecology, Field Biology, and Environmental Studies Seminar
Interests:  Environmental Studies and Conservation Biology
Office: OH 239
Telephone: 601-974-1415


Dr. Sarah Lea Anglin -
Courses: Introductory Cell Biology, Molecular Cell Biology, and Introduction to Liberal Studies
Interests: Eukaryotic cell cycle
Office: OH 223
Telephone: 601-974-1414

Prof. Robert Nevins -
Associate Professor
Courses: General Botany, Bacteriology, Immunology and Virology, Systematics and Evolution, and Human Evolution
Interests: Microbiology, Virology, Botany, Evolution, History of science
Office: OH 215
Telephone: 601-974-1412
Dr. Brent E. Hendrixson -
Assistant Professor
Courses: General Zoology, Terrestrial Arthropods Biogeography, Field Biology and Introductory Cell Biology
Interests: Molecular Systematics and Evolution, Biogeography of the Southwestern United States, Arthropod Conservation Biology,
and Arachnid Diversity
Office: OH 219
Telephone: 601-974-1413
Dr. Naila M. Mamoon -
Assistant Professor
Human Anatomy, Human Physiology, Cell Biology
Interests: Mechanisms of Drug Action, Epigenetics of Disease and DNA Protein Interaction
Office: OH 223
Telephone: 601-974-1283
Dr. Naila M. Mamoon
Dr. Markus P Tellkamp -
Assistant Professor
Courses: Introductory Cell Biology, General Zoology, Comparative Animal Physiology and Conservation Biology
Ornithology, Physiological Ecology, Zooarchaeology, and Conservation Biology of the Yucatan Peninsula and the Andes Mts; Molecular Cell Biology
Office: OH 235
Telephone: 601-974-1095

Dr Sabrice Guerrier -
Assistant Professor
Courses: Introductory Cell Biology, Molecular Cell Biology, and Developmental Biology
Office: OH 221
Telephone: 601-974-1410