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Biology Major Checklist


For students entering Fall 2011 and thereafter.
No grade below C will be accepted for any course applied to the major. 


Department Core: 

  • Introductory Cell Biology 
  • Botany 
  • Zoology 
  • Genetics 
  • Senior Seminar (2 Semesters) 

Four (4) upper-level courses, with at least one in the Structure and Function category and at least one in the Organisms and Environment category are required for the major: 

Cell and Molecular  Structure and Function  Organisms and Environment  
 Bacteriology   Comp. Physiology  Systematics and Evolution  
 Molecular Cell Biology   Human Physiology  Ecology  
 Immunol and Virology   Histology  Ornithology  
   Human Anatomy   Field Biology 
   Embryology  Conservation Biology  
   Ornithology   Biogeography 
   Arthropods and Public Health  Terrestrial Arthropods  
     Aquatic Biology 


College requirement for a Bachelor of Science Degree: 

  • Analytical Geometry 
  • Calculus I 
  • Four (4) Courses in three (3) disciplines from the following list: 
Biology (any lab course except BIOL 1701)   Psychology 2100 or 3180  
Chemistry (any lab course)  Sociology 2100  
Geology (any lab course)  Economics 3030  
Physics (any lab course)  Political Science 2550  
Math 2230 or higher   
Computer Science 1010 or higher   

At least three courses must come from the first column.


College requirement for a Bachelor of the Arts Degree: 

  • Proficiency at intermediate (2000 level course) level in an ancient or modern language 

Note: In addition to the courses for the Biology degree, students planning to apply to medical, dental, or veterinary school should take: 

  • General Chemistry with lab (2 semesters) 
  • Organic Chemistry with lab (2 semesters) 
  • College Physics with lab (2 semesters) 
  • Biochemistry (at least 1 semester)


Core Curriculum Checklist

  • Core 1: IDST 1000 
  • Core 2: IDST 1200 
  • Core 3: IDST 1300 
  • Core 4: IDST 2400
  • Core 5: IDST 2500
  • Core 2-5 may also be met by Heritage I plus Heritage II 
  • Core 6: Social and Behavioral Science 
  • Core 7: Natural Science with lab 
  • Core 8: Mathematics 
  • Core 9: Science, Mathematics, or Computer Science 
  • Core 10: Reflections on Liberal Studies 
  • Writing Portfolio Assessment 


Fine Arts requirements may be met by: 

  • Heritage Curriculum 
  • IDST course with a Fine Arts Focus 
  • Significant experience in artistic creation or performance


Requirement for the Bachelor of Arts Degree: 

  • Proficiency at the intermediate level of a foreign language


Requirements for the Bachelor of Science Degree: 

  • Math 1220 level or above 

  • At least four (4) courses from a minimum of three (3) different disciplines:

    • Two of those must be laboratory courses (See Catalog, pp. 50-51 for particulars)


    Requirements for the Bachelor of Business Administration Degree:

    • Completion, exemption or prior credit for Math 1210 or higher (See Catalog, pp. 51 for additional course requirements)


    Students who wish to be considered for Phi Beta Kappa must take calculus AND a foreign language to the intermediate (2000) level.