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2012 Senior Seminar Lecture Series

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry


Monday, August 27, 11 am, Olin Hall 120
Ben Brock (Millsaps Alum 2005), UMMC Residency, Internal Medicine
"How to get into Medical School, stay there and stay sane"

Friday, September 21, 11 am, Olin Hall 120
David T. Brown, UMMC, Department of Biochemistry
"Measuring protein binding to DNA in living cells: insights into chromatin structure"

Friday, October 12, 11am, Olin Hall 120
Xiaohua Huang, University of Memphis, Department of Chemistry
"Gold nanorods for photothermal cancer therapy"

Friday, November 2, 11am, Olin Hall 120
Tracy Brooks, University of Mississippi, School of Pharmacy

Friday, November 9, 11am, Olin Hall 120
Anthony Bell (Millsaps Alum 1994), University of Southern Mississippi, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Friday, November 16, 11am, Olin Hall 120
Jason Locklin (Millsaps Alum 1999), University of Georgia, Department of Chemistry/BioChemical Engineering
"Making Surfaces Smart"