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Past Events

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Classics Club conquered the annual "Tasting at the Tents" during Homecoming 2013 
with a clear victory in the category of Best Presentation for Numidian Chicken.
Their $100 prize money was donated to the textbook drive for Mr. Everson's AP Latin Class at Murrah HS.


Summer 2014 Events

Herculaneum Graffiti Project
June 2014

This summer Dr. Holly Sypniewski and three Millsaps Latin students participated in the Herculaneum Graffiti Project in Italy, directed by Dr. Rebecca Benefiel (Washington and Lee U.). Students worked with an international team of students and scholars within the taverns, shops and homes of ancient Herculaneum.  Their task was to locate, measure and digitize the ancient graffiti preserved by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 CE. The students contributed their work to EAGLE Europeana, an international database of ancient inscriptions, and Epigraphic Database Roma. This is multi-year project offers Millsaps students and exciting way to apply their Latin skills in new contexts. Contact Dr. Holly M. Sypniewski for more information.

Left: Jace King (back) and George Bey IV (right) work with Jackie DiBiasie from the Herculaneum Graffiti Project to photograph the Latin graffiti in the Samnite house in Insula V of Herculaneum. Right: Megan Rebman (middle) helps her team from Insula IV translate a graffito that records a famous saying of the Cynic philosopher Diogenes.


Spring 2014 Events

Mississippi Junior Classical League Statewide Convention
Friday, March 28th
Classical Studies at Millsaps College hosted over 400 junior and high school Latin students for the annual MS statewide JCL convention. The students competed in a variety of academic, artistic and athletic contests. Congratulations to all of the winners of the student competitions and to Ridgeland HS for taking home the Spirit Award! For more pictures of the contests at JCL, check the Classical Studies Facebook page.

Latin students from Madison-Ridgeland Academy call out their Latin cheer in the opening ceremony of the 2014 MS JCL

Fall 2013 Events

Paws for a Cause III
Wed. Dec. 11 11:30-1
In need of some cuddles?  Students were able to relax with several therapy dogs visited campus during exam week during the hectic end of the semester. This semi-annual event is sponsored by Classics Club, the Millsaps-Wilson Library and the Dept. of Psychology.

Millsaps students take a break from studying to have fun with Lakota Claus during Paws for a Cause III. 

The REAL Greek Week III
Sept. 30-Oct. 4, 2013
Classical Studies sponsored a week-long celebration of all things classical in October-- Students in Classical Mythology class led the "Myth Campaign" to choose the campus's favorite mythological hero as the unofficial myth mascot for the college.   Greco-Roman Breakfast was prepared by Dr. Holly Sypniewski's Gender and Sexuality class and served outside the Caf'.  Once again, Dr. David Yates' War and Society class "Beseiged the Bowl" as they weilded 50 PVC-pipe spears and put Greek tactics to the test.  

Our invited guest was Dr. Hilary Becker (University of Mississippi) who explored how the Romans developed an array of natural pigments to create their fabulous wall frescos. After her presentation, Dr. Becker led a hands-on workshop on how to make frescos using ancient techniques.


Mississippi Junior Classical League Statewide Convention
Friday, March 22nd, 2013
Hosted by the Department of Classical Studies at Millsaps College. For more information, visit the National Junior Classical League, or view the JCL Convention Program Flyer (PDF) for a full schedule of events.

We had an excellent time with students from eleven schools from throughout Mississippi! See our Facebook page for more photos.

March Madness! Certamen teams from SBEC and Warren Central wait to buzz in as Dr. Yates reads another question in the second bracket of the  Certamen MS State Championship.