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Department of Computer Science


NOTE: Millsaps College is no longer accepting new Computer Science majors or minors.


Academic Computing
Millsaps has five general-use computer labs available to all students. The various labs are available for use throughout the school day and offer extended evening and weekend hours. These labs contain the latest personal computer technology and software. All machines are connected to a central network and have T1 connections to the Internet. In addition to standard software packages and operating systems software, different machines are loaded with various software packages, depending on the needs of the students and the requirement of the various courses.


Several labs and classrooms are equipped with multimedia capable PCs, connected to the campus network, and attached to color overhead projectors. This means that instructors can demonstrate concepts with audio and video (in classrooms), and that students can follow instructions with immediate faculty feedback (in labs).

Several computer science classes are scheduled in computer labs or computer-equipped classrooms with projection facilities.


Millsaps Multimedia Laboratory
The Millsaps Multimedia laboratory, directed by Dr. Jimmie Purser, contains 21 networked PC systems with audio and video capabilities and a variety of hardware and software tools for image, audio and video capture, editing and software development.

It is used by students and faculty in the natural sciences, including several computer science courses. The laboratory is in the process of acquiring a powerful 3D graphics workstation for scientific visualization and multimedia and virtual reality experiments.


Computer Science Advanced Lab
The advanced lab features 64-bit AMD Opteron workstations configured to dual boot MS Windows and Linux. These workstations support upper-level courses and advanced student projects.

The laboratory contains networking equipment used to construct and experiment with standalone computer networks. Isolation from the campus network provides a safe field for experimentation.

The latest addition to the departmental facilities are high-speed Windows NT servers, equipped with over $1 million of client-server database development software and donated by Oracle Corporation.

Please follow this link for the latest news about this lab.