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Department of Computer Science


NOTE: Millsaps College is no longer accepting new Computer Science majors or minors.


Student Research

Computer science majors are encouraged to apply their classroom knowledge of computer science in a number of different ways. This includes activities such as taking up internships, part-time jobs and volunteer work.

In addition, the department provides students with structured ways by which they can apply and expand their knowledge of computer science. These are primarily the senior seminar and the honors program, which are described in detail below. Students may also perform directed studies on topics of special interest.


Senior Seminar

Senior seminar is a graduation requirement for all majors at Millsaps.

In the computer science department, senior seminar consists of:

  • The senior project
  • The written test (Major Field Achievement Test)
  • The senior comprehensives

Senior seminar helps students to thoroughly review and prepare for life after graduation.

The senior project is a year-long research project, performed with faculty supervision, on an appropriate topic selected by the student.

The MFAT is a standardized written test of computer science administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS).

The senior comprehensives consist of a demonstration and defense of the senior project, as well as an oral exam on all Computer Science courses taken at Millsaps.


Honors Research

The honors program allows exceptional students to explore a topic in depth.

The projects have involved the development of software tools and systems for practical and challenging problems, using the latest technologies available, such as JAVA, Virtual Reality, and NT/Active Server.

Students must meet certain eligibility standards including a minimum grade point average. Honors graduates are recognized at commencement.

The project is executed over 3 semesters in collaboration with a faculty advisor, on a mutually agreed upon topic of research.

The results of the research are developed into an honors thesis, which the student defends in an oral exam before the Honors Comitttee.