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2005-2006 Finalists

2005-2006 Top Essays
(files are in PDF format)

Laney Award Winner

"Last Flight Out"
Jason Jarin

Laney Award Finalists

"Millsaps Words"
Georgia Beilmann

"Not Better, Not Worse, Just Different: A Journey from Disapproval to Acceptance"
Sarah Cowan

"Millsaps College Meets My Inner Beast"
Andrea Dewey

"Life Beyond the Skeletons"
Allison Ertz

"Answering Their Question"
Brandon Fontenelle

"Lacrimae Rerum: The Tears of a Classics Major"
Drew Harmon

"The Art of Being Uncomfortable"
Reshonda Jenkins

"Beer and the Search for Truth: A Reflection on Time Spent at Millsaps"
Christopher Robinson

"Having Trouble with Language"
Bethany Santucci