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At Millsaps College we investigate the power of live theatre to create imaginary worlds that entertain but also provide us with the ability to see ourselves in relationship to others. Our program embraces theatre as a humanizing force that draws strangers together, challenges stereotypes, builds community, cultivates compassion, and provides perspective. We celebrate the importance of each individual and create an environment that embraces inclusion, adventure, risk, and respect for how integral each function is to the overall production process and performance event. Our curriculum offers a fully integrated course of study leading to a major or minor in theatre. (Please note: Major placed in abeyance effective fall 2011.)

Mission Statement
The Mission of the Department of Theatre at Millsaps College is to:  Cultivate an environment that celebrates the breadth of our humanity, fosters open inquiry, and develops artistic excellence; Train ensemble-based theatre artists in a liberal arts framework; Enhance the educational, social, and cultural experience of our region through bold staging of works that span across cultures and ages.

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