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NCATE & the Praxis

Department of Education


The Teacher Education Program emphasizes leadership and scholarship and utilizes a research as service model. The program is designed to help students become more deliberate in their thinking about the profession of teaching and the variety of opportunities the profession offers for challenge and service. The faculty in the Department of Education pay particular attention to the developmental needs of prospective teachers as they matriculate through the licensure program.

Carefully crafted and well supervised field experiences and internships are distinctive features of Millsaps College teacher education. The importance of the liberal arts in education, the need for reflection on teaching and professional practice, and the belief that the competent teacher education graduate is one who can think, act, and especially teach in a morally responsible manner are integrated throughout the Millsaps College Teacher Education Program. Teacher licensure can be earned concurrently with any other major or degree during the four year undergraduate experience.

All licensure programs are accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).

The Mississippi State Department of Education regulates licensure requirements, which are subject to change.


Assessment Information



Praxis I and II Information

Information explaining the Praxis Series test including Test at a Glance study guides can be found on the Educational Testing Service web site at:


Information for New Teachers

The Educational Testing Service has created two new services to recognized individual performance on Praxis exams and to provide customized diagnostic support for test takers who require it.

ETS Recognition of Excellence
The ETS Recognition of Excellence program was established to commend and encourage outstanding individual performance on select Praxis II tests that measure specific subject matter and/or pedagogical knowledge. This is a professional honor recognizing exceptional performance on the Praxis exam and is not a criterion for making decisions about state licensure, hiring, or promotions.

Diagnostic Preparation Program (DPP)
The Diagnostic Preparation Program was created in response to requests by examinees, licensing agencies, and Institutes of Higher Education for more diagnostic information to assist examinees who need to retake a Praxis test. Test takers can order the Diagnostic Preparation Program and receive detailed, customized feedback about their strengths and weakness and plan their study efforts accordingly. ETS can be contacted at 1-609-771-7395.