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Else School of Management

Else School of Management Faculty

Howard L. McMillan, Jr.

Kimberly G. Burke
Dean of Else School

You can judge a business school in many ways. However, one of the best may be to examine the faculty that will be teaching you. By this criteria, the Else School has one of the finest programs in the country. The Else School faculty brings many years of practical work experience, consulting and research experience, and academic expertise to the table. And you won't just be sitting in a classroom listening to the lecture. Through the interactive nature of our courses, you will be an active participant in the learning process. Our professors truly are "the best" when it comes to getting the most out of a class.


Our full-time faculty have earned their Ph.D., JD, and DBA degrees from many prestigious national institutions, including the University of Pennsylvania, Virginia Tech, the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, the University of Houston, the University of Georgia, and others. Our accounting faculty members all have CPAs and our faculty also includes a Chartered Financial Analyst and a Certified Valuation Analyst. In addition to this strong academic background, professors stay current with business and industry through consulting with major corporations, health care firms, governmental entities, and non-profit organizations. You'll receive firsthand knowledge about the work that goes on outside the classroom.

Teaching Styles

In the classroom, professors strive to engage and inform their students, rather than just cover the material. Students are taught through discussion-oriented and team-led classes. Group work is common and cases are used frequently. Professors encourage student participation in class discussions and group projects and presentations. In the first MBA Core course, for example, students will divide into teams to present class material to their peers.


Professors at the Else School are dedicated to helping students attain their goals. Faculty members make themselves available to guide students through their course selection, choice of focus areas, and ultimately their job search. Because of the small classes, our professors have the opportunity to build strong relationships with their students. In addition, full-time students may have the opportunity to work with a professor as a graduate assistant, further strengthening an important relationship that could land a great job or recommendation into a Ph.D. program.