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ELSEWorks Entrepreneurship Program


ELSEWorks Entrepreneurship Initiative


The goal of the ELSEWorks Entrepreneurship Program is to encourage and promote entrepreneurship and positive social change in the community, state and region.

ELSEWorks focuses on four areas:

Business Development 
Social Entrepreneurship

The ELSEWorks team, composed of four faculty members and a Director of Entrepreneurial Development, have more than 100 total years of diversified experience in business, finance and marketing. Team members are: 

Dr. David H. Culpepper, Chair, Professor of Accounting
Kelsey Worch Ebelhar, Director of Business Analysts
Dr. Blakely Fox Fender, Professor of Economics
Dr. M. Ray Grubbs, Professor of Management
Dr. Penelope J. Prenshaw, Professor of Marketing

ELSEWorks, the entrepreneurial program of the internationally acclaimed Else School of Management at Millsaps College, is uniquely positioned to advance entrepreneurship in the state and region.

For more information contact Kelsey Worch Ebelhar, Director of Business Analysts, worchke@millsaps.edu.