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ELSEWorks provides students unparalleled opportunities working with faculty, alumni, and industry experts to gain high-level entrepreneurial business experience in a number of settings and to engage the community.

MS Cold Drip Grand Opening

Jackson's Mayor Tony Yarber with City Officials, Owner Raymond Horn, and ELSEWorks Student Analysts at the Grand Opening of  Mississippi Cold Drip Coffee & Tea Co. 


ELSEWorks and the Undergraduate Student

  • The Undergraduate Concentration in Entrepreneurship consists of a four-course sequence. It begins in the junior year with Innovation and Entrepreneurial Finance and is followed by Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Investments in the senior year.

  • Undergraduate students have the opportunity for entrepreneurship internships and participation with the Entrepreneurial Investment Fund.

  • Students also have the opportunity to engage in extracurricular endeavors that allow them to apply entrepreneurial concepts to community outreach projects that improve the quality of life and standard of living for people in need.  Such projects have included work with Hope Community Credit Union, Lemonade Day, and the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Program.


"My ELSEWorks internship challenged me in ways I could not have imagined. I served as a consultant to a small business in Jackson - something unheard of for undergraduate students at many colleges and universities."
Jennifer Goebel, BBA 2013


Dr. Culpepper's Class at Lucky Town Brewery

Dr. Culpepper's Undergraduate Entrepreneurial Finance Class at Lucky Town Brewing Co. 

ELSEWorks and the Graduate Student

  • ELSEWorks Business Analysts are MBA and MAcc graduate students that have been chosen for select assistantships. These assistantships have an additional stipend and allow the graduate student to lead projects with startup companies and to be involved in other entrepreneurial ventures.

  • A graduate entrepreneurship practicum is offered in both fall and spring semesters. Students complete advanced business consulting projects for entrepreneurs and businesses.


"To be able to apply what I learned in the classroom, and see it contribute to Lucky Town's success is incredibly exciting and fulfilling."
Victor Cobb, MBA 2014


ELSEWorks Entrepreneurial Investment Fund

The Fund invests in a variety of entrepreneurial private equity ventures by canvassing and screening a large array of investment opportunities across multiple industries and selecting those that maximize tradeoffs between perceived risk and return. It is unusual for students to have an opportunity to work with a fund which focuses on non-public companies at any university, much less at a small liberal arts college

One primary goal of the Fund is to involve students in the Fund's activities, providing them with a rich, hands-on learning experience that exposes them to the world of private equity and the critical role it plays in capital, wealth, and job creation. Students apply what they have learned in their entrepreneurial and other coursework by researching, evaluating, forecasting, and performing due diligence on various investment opportunities, as well as monitoring the progression of companies through the various stages of growth and maturity, including liquidity. Students participate in the legal, tax, valuation, and regulatory challenges faced by these companies as well as the evaluation of the entrepreneurial/management team, marketing plan/market potential, intellectual property/competition, and the business plan. Our students have participated in the hosting of various companies' management teams and Angel Investors on campus to observe and participate in the capital raising process.

The Fund is primarily focused on, but not limited to, entrepreneurial start-up firms, including seed stage, early stage, and expansion/mezzanine stage investments. While not limited geographically, the Fund primarily considers and evaluates Mississippi-based opportunities. The Fund currently holds investments in various sectors, including computer networking technology, medical devices/pharma, renewable energy technology, hospitality services, and craft beer. Two companies are headquartered in Mississippi and some others have significant connections to Mississippi.

"We believe by placing our students in a position to have meaningful input into high level decisions that have very real and potentially transformative consequences, they learn to embrace diversity, risk, and important challenges - thus, how to be a leader."
Dr. David H. Culpepper


Business Advantage Program

The Business Advantage Program is a 15-week certificate program which teaches the essentials of business to successful professionals who have no prior education in business. Graduates include architects, artists, engineers, high school teachers, public officials, members of the medical community, and leaders of non-profits. The website includes video testimonials describing how the Business Advantage Program has benefitted the professional and personal lives of previous participants.


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