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The Faith & Work Initiative supports a number of campus programs that offer students the opportunity to experience a variety of professions and vocational opportunities through internships, fellowships, student groups, and special events.


Academic Program: Students who are intern participants in the Faith & Work Initiative are required to take The Meaning of Work, an interdisciplinary course that allows students to think critically about the ways we choose to spend our time and energy as citizens of the world. Students who are fellows also take an ethics course that enables them to further reflect on the ethical questions that pertain to their chosen field of study.

Partnership with 1 Campus 1 Community: 1 Campus 1 Community (1C1C) grew out of the Faith and Work initiative and is the embodiment of an institutional commitment to long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships between Millsaps College and our off-campus neighbors. In conversation with community partners from the Midtown neighborhood, K-12 public schools, and throughout Jackson, 1C1C seeks to share resources and respond to identified need, both inside and outside the Millsaps gates.