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Primary Faculty

Dr. Ted Ammon
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Office: Christian Center 23
Phone: 601.974.1332
Email: ammontg@millsaps.edu

Dr. Amy Wiese Forbes
Associate Professor of History
Office: Christian Center 31
Phone: 601.974.1369
Email: forbeaw@millsaps.edu

Dr. Anne MacMaster
Associate Professor of English
Office: English House
Phone: 601.974.1306
Email: macmaac@millsaps.edu

Dr. Bennie Reynolds
Visiting Assistant Professor of Religious Studies
Office: Murrah Hall Annex 218
Phone: 601.974.1329
Email: reynobh@millsaps.edu


Guest Faculty

Dr. Sarah Archino
Visiting Assistant Professor of Art History
Office: Academic Center 331
Phone: 601.974.1895
Email: archis@millsaps.edu

Dr. Michael Galaty
Professor of Sociology
Office: Sullivan-Harrell Hall 343
Phone: 601.974.1387
Email: galatml@millsaps.edu

Dr. Lynn Raley
Associate Professor of Music
Office: Academic Complex 248
Phone: 601.974.1423
Email: raleyhl@millsaps.edu

Dr. Holly Sypniewski
Associate Professor of Classical Studies
Office: John Stone Hall 203
Phone: 601.974.1299
Email: sypnih@millsaps.edu

Ms. Jamie Wilson
Acquisitions Librarian
Office: Millsaps-Wilson Library 100
Phone: 601-974.1083
Email: boundj@millsaps.edu

Dr. David Yates
Assistant Professor of Classical Studies
Office: John Stone Hall 200
Phone: 601.974.1294
Email: yatesdc@millsaps.edu



Louise Hetrick
Administrative Assistant
Office: Christian Center 30
Phone: 601.974.1309
Email: hetril@millsaps.edu