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William K. Storey

Department of History


Dr. William K. StoreyWilliam K. Storey
Professor of History
Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins University
M.A., The Johns Hopkins University
A.B., Harvard University
(601) 974 -1331
Office: CC 27

William Kelleher Storey is Professor of History at Millsaps College, where he teaches about world history and the history of the British Empire.  In 2013, he was named a state winner of the Carnegie-CASE U.S. Professor of the Year Award.  Storey has served as Chair of the History Department (2011-13); Director of the Core Curriculum (2009-11) and Director of the Mellon Colloquium on Cultures and Communities (2005-7).

Storey was born in New York City in 1965 and grew up on Long Island. He graduated from Phillips Academy, Andover, in 1983 and went on to earn his bachelor's degree in history at Harvard University in 1987. He completed his master's degree in history in 1990 at the Johns Hopkins University, where he received his doctorate in 1993. After finishing his formal studies in history, Bill received further training during two postdoctoral fellowships. In 1994-5 he was an NSF Postdoctoral Associate in the Department of Science and Technology Studies at Cornell University. From 1995 to 1997 he was a Preceptor in Expository Writing at Harvard University.

Professor Storey has a special interest in the history of environmental change, science, and technology. He is the author of four books. Two of them are based on research about environmental and technological aspects of imperialism: Guns, Race, and Power in Colonial South Africa (Cambridge University Press, 2008) and Science and Power in Colonial Mauritius (University of Rochester Press, 1997). He is also the author of Writing History: A Guide for Students (Oxford University Press, 1999; 2nd ed. 2003; 3rd ed. 2009; 4th ed. 2012), which draws on his undergraduate teaching about historical writing. His most recent book, The First World War: A Concise Global History (Rowman & Littlefield, 2009; 2nd ed. 2014) is based on a class that he teaches at Millsaps. Storey is currently in the early stages of writing a biography of Cecil Rhodes from an environmental and technological perspective. He has followed up his interest in environment and technology by serving as a committee chair and as an editorial board member in the American Society for Environmental History and in the Society for the History of Technology.

Storey has been awarded a Fulbright Scholarship (1992), plus grants from the American Historical Association (1993); the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation (1997); the Mellon Foundation (2005); and the National Endowment for the Humanities (2004). The Society for the History of Technology has awarded him the Abbot Payson Usher Prize for the year's best journal article (2005) and the Sidney M. Edelstein Prize for the year's best book (2009). He has also received the Outstanding Young Faculty Award from Millsaps College (2003); a Teaching Award from the Mississippi Humanities Council (2006); and the Millsaps College Distinguished Professor Award (2012).