Honor Societies

Alpha Epsilon Delta is an honorary pre-health fraternity. Leadership, scholarship, expertness, character, and personality are the qualities by which students are judged for membership. The organization seeks to bridge the gap between Premedical and medical studies."

Alpha Kappa Delta, an international sociology honorary, promotes the use of the sociological imagination in understanding and serving human beings. The chapter, Gamma of Mississippi, founded in 1984, is a joint chapter with Tougaloo College.

Alpha Psi Omega, a national honorary dramatics fraternity, recognizes members of the Millsaps Players for their effective participation in acting, directing, makeup, stage manage­ment, costuming, lighting, and publicity.

Beta Alpha Psi encourages and recognizes scholastic and professional excellence in accounting.

Beta Beta Beta, established at Millsaps in 1968, is a national honor fraternity for students in the biological sciences. Its purposes are to stimulate sound scholarship, to promote the dis­semination of scientific truth, and to encourage investigation of the life sciences.

Beta Gamma Sigma is a national honor society dedicated to the principles and ideals essen­tial to a worthy life, as well as to a commendable business career. Membership is the highest scholastic honor that a student in a school of business or management can achieve.

Eta Sigma Phi is a national honor fraternity recognizing ability in classical studies. Alpha Phi, the Millsaps chapter, was founded in 1935.

Financial Management Association National Honor Society, established in 1984 on the Millsaps campus, encourages and rewards scholarship and accomplishment in financial man­agement, financial institutions, and investments among undergraduate and graduate students and encourages interaction between business executives, faculty, and students of finance.

Kappa Delta Pi is an international honor society promoting fellowship and service among professional educators.

Kappa Pi is an international honorary art fraternity established in 1911.

Mu Phi Epsilon promotes scholarship and musicianship among its members, promotes ser­vice and friendship on campus and in the community, and rewards excellence in music.

Omicron Delta Epsilon is the international economics honorary society. It is dedicated to the encouragement of excellence in economics, with a main objective of recognizing scholastic attainment in economics. The Delta chapter of Mississippi was formed at Millsaps in 1981.

Omicron Delta Kappa is a leadership society with chapters in principal colleges and universities. Pi Circle at Millsaps brings together members of the student body, faculty, and administration interested in campus activities, with a limited number of alumni, to plan for the betterment of the College.

Order of Omega is a national leadership society that recognizes student achievement in pro­moting inter-Greek activities. The Millsaps chapter, Eta Kappa, was founded in 1986.

Founded in 1921, Phi Alpha Theta is an international honor society in history. Membership is composed of students and professors, elected on the basis of excellence in the study and writ­ing of history. It encourages the study, teaching, and writing of history among all its members.

Phi Beta Kappa, the nation's oldest academic honor society, was installed at Millsaps in the spring of 1989. It recognizes and encourages excellence in the liberal arts. The Millsaps chap­ter, Alpha of Mississippi, elects members from the senior class on the basis of broad cultural interests, scholarly achievement, and good character.

Phi Eta Sigma is a national honorary society that recognizes outstanding academic achieve­ment among freshmen. The Millsaps chapter was established in 1981. Membership is open to all full-time freshmen who achieve a grade point average of 3.5 in either the first semester or both semesters of the freshman year.

Phi Sigma Tau is a national philosophy honorary.

Pi Delta Phi, the national French honor society, was established at Millsaps in 1957. This honor society recognizes attainment and scholarship in the study of the French language and literature.

Pi Mu Epsilon is a national mathematics honorary.

Pi Sigma Alpha is the national political science honor society for college and university students of government in the United States. It seeks to stimulate productive scholarship and intelligent interest in the subject of government among students.

Psi Chi is the National Honor Society in Psychology, founded in 1929 for the purposes of encouraging, stimulating, and maintaining excellence in scholarship, and advancing the science of psychology.

Sigma Delta Pi, the international Spanish honorary, was established at Millsaps in 1968. This honor society recognizes attainment and scholarship in the study of the Spanish language and literature.

Sigma Gamma Epsilon is a national geology honor society. Established in 1993, the organi­zation recognizes achievement in geological sciences.

Sigma Lambda is a leadership and service honorary society whose members are primarily sophomores selected on the basis of character, scholarship, and involvement in College and community activities.

Sigma Pi Sigma, a national honor society in physics, was established at Millsaps in 1988. Its purpose is to honor excellence in physics.

Sigma Tau Delta is the national English honor society. The purposes of the society are to confer distinction for achievement in the English language and literature, to promote interest in literature and the English language, and to foster the discipline of English in all its aspects, including creative and critical writing. The Zeta Sigma chapter was chartered at Millsaps in 1983.

Theta Alpha Kappa is the national honor society for Religious Studies and Theology.