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Honor Code

Millsaps is an academic community dedicated to the pursuit of scholarly inquiry and intellectual growth. The foundation of this community is a spirit of personal honesty and mutual trust. Through their Honor Code, the students of Millsaps College affirm their adherence to these basic ethical principles.

An Honor Code is not simply a set of rules and procedures governing students' academic conduct. It is an opportunity to put personal responsibility and integrity into action. When students agree to abide by an Honor Code, they liberate themselves to pursue their academic goals in an atmosphere of mutual confidence and respect.

The success of the Code depends on the support of each member of the community. Students and faculty alike commit themselves in their work to the principles of academic honesty. When they become aware of infractions, both students and faculty are obligated to report them to the Honor Council, which is responsible for enforcement.

The Millsaps Honor Code was adopted by the student body and approved by the faculty and Board of Trustees in 1994.

The following is a representative, but not exhaustive, list of academic offenses and violations covered by this Millsaps Academic Honor Code:

A. Plagiarism
B. Dishonesty on examinations and tests
1. Using any outside material deemed not usable by the professor of the course
2. Giving or receiving answers while taking a test
3. Revealing the content of an exam before others have taken it
C. Dishonesty on assignments
1. Receiving unauthorized help on an assignment
2. Submitting the same paper for two classes unless approved by the professors of both classes
3. Interfering with another student's course materials
D. Lying about academic matters, including missed assignments or absences
E. Unauthorized use of a computer file, program, user name, or password

F. Unauthorized use of, tampering with, or removing community materials from laboratories or the library