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Program Requirements

Honors Program


In the fall of their junior year, students with a GPA of at least 3.300 are invited by the Honors Program Director to participate in the Honors Program.  Students must also have demonstrated writing proficiency on their writing portfolio to be eligible.

Eligible students must apply to the program by submitting a written thesis proposal that outlines a question, a method of inquiry, and a committee of advisors who approve the research project.  At least one of the committee members must teach in the area in which the student seeks Honors.  Please see Steps to Completion for suggestions on selecting a thesis committee and the guidelines of the research project proposal.

The Honors program is an eight-credit experience that takes place over three semesters.  In the spring of the junior year, students register for Honors I, an Honors research course with their thesis advisors.  In the summer, students complete research and write a first draft of the thesis.  In the fall of the senior year, all students register for Honors II, a second research course with their advisors.  Students complete, revise and defend theses in the fall semester. In the spring of the senior year, students format their theses, deposit the final copy in the library, and present their research publically during the Honors Conference.  See the Timeline and Deadlines for specific detail.

Students who are studying abroad during the spring semester of the junior year may still do an honors project provided that the study-abroad experience benefit the honors research, and the thesis advisor supports the project. The requirement of HH-I in the spring will be waived for these students with the approval of the Honors program director.
[Revised, November 2, 2011]