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1987 Honors Theses

1987  Boswell, James Walton, III, Honors in English, Advisor: Judith Page.

The Wakeful anguish of the soul : the odes of John Keats.

1987  Bowden, Sarah Elizabeth, Honors in Religion, Advisor: T. W. Lewis. 

Passion and paradox : sacramental metaphor in Thomas Merton.

1987  Burkett, Johanna Lynn, Honors in English, Advisor: Nona Feinberg.

Informing by types and shadows : Milton's creation of the heroic reader.

1987  Ham, Greta Louise, Honors in Classics, Advisor: Catherine Freis.

Artemis : a Greek mother earth goddess.

1987  Hearn, Barbara June, Honors in Chemistry, Advisor: Allen Bishop.

The Ionic strength effect of bicarbonate ion on the polymerization of siliac acid in dilute aqueous solutions.

1987  Mangialardi, Robert Joseph, Honors in Chemistry, Advisor: Roy A. Berry, Jr..

Mechanism of the modified Hunsdiecker reaction : a kinetic study.

1987  Moore, Daniel Shawn, Honors in Biology, Advisor: Sarah Armstrong. 

Preference of green light in the chloroplast-retaining Ascoglossan Elysia cauze marcus (Mollusca : Opisthobranchia).

1987  Robinson, Joseph Murray, Honors in History, Advisor: Robert McElvaine. 

The ABM treaty : the historical perspective

1987  Seay, Delecia Susanne, Honors in English, Advisor: Judith Page. 

Not born for men : an analysis of the role of the female in William Blake's poem The Four zoas.

1987  Stracener, Wayne Eric, Jr., Honors in English, Advisor: Austin Wilson. 

To look upon its deadly work ... : the progression of paralysis and awareness in Joyce's Dubliners.