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1991 Honors Theses

1991  Barr, Scott Allen, Honors in Biology, Advisor: James P. McKeown. 

Mapping the promoters for the outer membrane protein OmpT of escherichia coli and assessing for transcriptional regulation of ompT.

1991  Brandt, Kristin R., Honors in History, Advisor: Charles Sallis. 

Women in the Antebellum South : their roles and functions.

1991  Bruni, Timothy Glen, Honors in Biology, Advisors: Briton E. Shell, and James P. McKeown. 

The Development and characterization of channel catfish lymphocyte cell lines.

1991  Bullock, Julia Catherine, Honors in English, Advisor: Nona P. Fienberg. 

Shakespeare's sonnet tapestry.

1991  Chastain, Greg Hampton, Honors in English, Advisor: Suzanne Mars. 

Revisions towards confluence : an examination of Welty's The Optimist's daughter.

1991  Clark, Boyce Lamont, Honors in Geology, Advisor: Edward L. Schrader. 

The Use of chemically modified saponite clay as a filter medium for the removal of color from groundwater.

1991  Ellender, Elizabeth Hollyn, Honors in English, Advisor: Suzanne Mars. 

The Drama of modern publishing : exploring the growth, risk and survival of an industry.

1991  Everett, John Prentis, III, Honors in Administration, Advisor: Steve C. Wells. 

Corporate sponsorship of collegiate athletics.

1991  Hebron, Clarissa Tolentino, Honors in Biology, Advisor: Robert B. Nevins.

Tranposon mutagenesis of Rhodobacter sphaeroides.

1991  Holland, David Preston, Honors in Mathematics, Advisor: Kathleen A. Drude. 

Zeno, Cantor and infinity : human reasoning and the mathematics of the infinite.

1991  Hurley, Bridgett Alys, Honors in English, Advisor: Judith Page. 

The Vocation of John Keats.

1991  Kellum, Kenneth Maurice, Honors in Physics, Advisor: Robert T. McAdory, Jr. 

A Study of the influence of fatique on the behavior of the Duffing oscillator.

1991  Lee, Charles Chuen Lin, Honors in Chemistry, Advisor: George H. Ezell. 

Siderophore genetics in the Aeomonas species.

1991  Lee, Stephen Jasper, Honors in Chemistry, Advisor: Roy A. Berry.

The Decarboxylation of esters using mercuric oxide and bromine.

1991  Lewis, Anne Latane, Honors in Accounting, Advisor: Sue Y. Whitt. 

The Effect of the adoption of SFAS no.87 on satisfying the objectives of financial reporting.

1991  Montgomery, John Harold, Honors in Sociology, Advisor: C. Allen Scarboro. 

Relationships between the racist right and mainstream White America / John Montgomery.

1991  Mott, Dale Anthony, Honors in Sociology, Advisor: C. Allen Scarboro. 

The Black middle class in the 1990's : a conversation on assimilation in America.

1991  Odom, Christopher Douglas, Honors in Physics, Advisor: Robert T. McAdory, Jr. 

Solar studies at an undergraduate institution : the creation of a process which enables the student to study sunspots.

1991  Oliver, Stacy Fleming, Honors in English, Advisor: Lorne M. Fienberg. 

From both sides of the barbed wire.

1991  Plauche, George Clifford, Honors in Physics, Advisor: Asif Khandker. 

Calculation of the transmission coefficient for electromagnetic radiation through stratified layers.

1991  Sansom, Steven Wayne, Honors in Administration, Advisor: Bill M. Brister. 

Corporated survival analysis : a prediction model.

1991  Sprehe, Elizabeth Marie, Honors in Geology, Advisor: Delbert E. Gann. 

Statistical distribution and environmental interpretation of fauna and associated mineralogy of the eocene gosport sand member, Little Stave Creek, Alabama.

1991  Stacy, Stephanie Dionne, Honors in English, Advisor: Suzanne Mars. 

African-American women writers and the experience of slavery.

1991  Zimmerman, Oren Verdayne, Honors in Economics, Advisor: Carl G. Brooking. 

History and application of Monte Carlo simulation in econometric models.