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2011 Honors Theses

2011  Coile, Clifford Edwin

Effects of snxA1 and nimA5 mutations on nuclear localization of cyclin B in Aspergillus nidulans.

2011  Cost, Laura Jean

Extraordinary faith : Southern religion and the civil rights movement.

2011  Davis, Zach

Field of dreams : an analysis of local economic development strategies in Mississippi .

2011  Dennis, Katie

Working memory and food cravings.

2011  DiPascal, Alex

Behavioral intentions and behavioral goals : a discriminant validity analysis.

2011  Eastlack, Steven Charles

Using western blotting to determine cell cycle regulatory protein concentrations in snxA1 mutants of Aspergillus nidulans.

2011  Esters, Joyee Lorietta. 

The effects of weightlessness and heat load on astronaut physiology.

2011  Everett, William H. H. 

Determining the diffusion coefficient of poly(tert-butyl) methacrylate in tert-butyl methacrylate by Wiener's method.

2011  Herndon, Mark

It is what it is : an exploration of vulnerability and power in portraiture.

2011  Jordan, Erin. 

Msiba na maisha : mourning and life in Peramiho, Tanzania.

2011  McNair, Jon Benjamin. 

Argentina's war of words : Clarin, Cristina Fern*andez de Kirchner, the free press, and democracy.

2011  Muller, Joseph H. 

The nameless fratricide : anonymity and the obsession with prowess in Malory's Le morte Darthur.

2011  Parker, Evan A. 

Descending the stairway to heaven : the rapid abandonment of a terminal classic Puuc hilltop site.

2011  Purvis, M. Victoria. 

An assessment of tarantula diversity in south Texas.

2011  Romano, Victoria. 

Single-sex environments and academic self-concept : a policy review.

2011  Smith, Eli Alexander. 

Decarboxylative photocyclization of quinolinium and isoquinolinium betaines.

2011  Thomas, Marie L. 

The distribution of Plethodon websteri Highton in Mississippi.

2011  Thompson, James Edward. 

A comparison of LA-ICP-MS, liquid ICP-MS, and XRF analytical techniques in iron and copper ore provenance.

2011  Warden, Russell. 

Environmental saliency cues and their effect on food consumption.