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Millsaps College Catalog



The Millsaps College Catalog is your source for a wealth of information about learning and living at Millsaps - from academic programs and available courses, to financial information, student life at the College, and much more. Some information in the Catalog may change between printings; contact the office of records or your academic advisor if you have questions about the Catalog.

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Students and parents: This PDF document includes a full navigation menu to the left of the pages. Use these links to jump to specific sections of the Catalog. Also, all of the items listed on the Table of Contents page are clickable links to their respective pages of the document.

To ensure proper functionality of the menu features, open the Catalog PDF document using Adobe Reader (available for free at www.adobe.com/reader).

Google Chrome users: Chrome may initially attempt to display the Catalog PDF file in a browser window. If so, you will see a notice saying "Parts of this PDF document could not be displayed. Open in Adobe Reader?" Click "Yes" to view the document in Adobe Reader with fully functional navigation links.

Archived Catalogs (PDF):