In a world where all fields of endeavor are becoming increasingly international and multicultural, proficiency in another language and an understanding of other cultures have become keys that open a wide variety of opportunities—both personal and professional. Modern language majors at Millsaps College develop skills in speaking and writing and build your knowledge of literature and cultural heritage. The study of French or Spanish will enrich and complement your overall liberal arts experience and prepare you for graduate school, teaching, or a range of professions grounded in bilingualism.

  • Judith G. Caballero

    Judith G. Caballero

    Associate Professor of Spanish

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    BA, BFA, MA, PhD, University of Arizona

  • Priscilla M. Fermon

    Priscilla M. Fermon

    Associate Professor of French

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    BA, Lehman College; MA, Harvard University; PhD, University of Virginia

    Dr. Priscilla Fermon, associate professor of French, teaches elementary, intermediate, and advanced French grammar, composition, and literature. She also teaches courses on French culture and civilization.

    "Foreign language study attracted me because I am the child of immigrant parents who, not knowing a word of English, sailed to Ellis Island and learned English in New York City public schools although they continued to speak Yiddish at home. New York City has residents from all over the world, residents speaking in languages that I cannot identify, but that I love to hear.

    "In junior high school and high school, both of my parents and my older brothers studied French. Consequently, that was the language I chose to study too. I will never forget my very first day in French class. I was in seventh grade and my teacher was Mrs. Angert. The moment Mrs. Angert walked into the classroom and said "Bonjour," I fell in love with French and that French language love affair continues to this day."

  • Ramón A. Figueroa

    Ramón A. Figueroa

    Associate Professor of Spanish

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    BA, University of Massachusetts; MA, PhD, University of Minnesota

  • I-Ting Tsai

    I-Ting Tsai

    Visiting Instructor of Chinese

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    BA, National Cheng Chi University

  • David Wood

    David W. Wood

    Associate Professor of Spanish

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    BA, Brigham Young University; MA, California State University, Sacramento; MA, Louisiana State University; PhD, University of California, Los Angeles