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Danuta Szlubowska

Department of Music


Danuta SzlubowskaA 1965 Master's Diploma graduate of the Chopin Academy in Warsaw, Poland, Danuta Szlubowska has performed extensively in the United States and Europe. She has taught in Warwaw at the Kurpinski Music School, the Chopin Music School, the Chopin Academy, and the Elsner Secondary Music School. She has also performed extensively as an accompanist in Poland, and was from 1968 to 1970 the orchestral pianist for the Radom Symphony Orchestra. Now resident in the United States, she maintains a private piano studio in Jackson. She and her husband, Janusz Szlubowski, are frequently heard in piano duo performances.


E-mail Danuta Szlubowska at szlubdm@millsaps.edu