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Department of Philosophy


(Left to right) Dr. Kristen Golden, Dr. Steven Smith, Dr. Patrick Hopkins, and Dr. Ted Ammon

Theodore G. Ammon
Education: B.A. Mississippi State University; M.A., Ph.D. Washington University
Current Teaching Emphases: History of Philosophy, Epistemology, Aesthetics, Philosophy and Literature
Research: Published on the ethical duties of teachers, the philosophical underpinnings of the literature of Jorge Luis Borges, and teaching strategies for moral development; editor of Conversations with William H. Gass (2003)


Kristen Brown Golden
Alternating Director, Peace and Justice Studies with Dr. Lola Williamson
E-mail: goldekb@millsaps.edu
Education: B.A., Stanford University; M.A., Ph.D. Vanderbilt University
Current Teaching Emphases: Philosophy of Violence, Philosophy of Peace and Justice, Environmental Ethics, 19th and 20th Century European Philosophy, Phenomenology, Philosophy of Embodiment, Existentialism, Philosophy of Feminism, and Ancient Philosophy
Research: The Trauma Controversy: Philosophical and Interdisciplinary Dialogues, ed. with Bettina Bergo. (State University of New York Press, 2009); Nietzsche and Embodiment: Discerning Bodies and Non-dualism (State University of New York Press, 2006); book chapters on trauma theory and on Merleau-Ponty; journal articles on topics in phenomenology, philosophy of body, feminist philosophy, Nietzsche and Aristotle. Currently pursuing research on the philosophy of race.


Patrick Hopkins
Education: B.A. University of Mississippi; M.A., Ph.D. Washington University in St. Louis
Current Teaching Emphases: Ethics, Applied Ethics (Biomedical, Environmental), Science and Technology Studies, Gender Studies, History of Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology.
Research: Sex/Machine: Readings in Culture, Gender and Technology (1999); journal articles on abortion, euthanasia, cloning, genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, transhumanism, enhancement, cultured meat and food ethics, gender theory; works in progress on Brave New World, natural law theory, the concept of "nature" in moral discourse.


Steven G. Smith
E-mail: smithsg@millsaps.edu
Education: B.A. Florida State University (1973), M.A. Vanderbilt University (1978), Ph.D. Duke University (1980)
Current Teaching Emphases: History of Western philosophy and Abrahamic religious thought; philosophy of religion; film studies.
Research: The Argument to the Other: Reason Beyond Reason in the Thought of Karl Barth and Emmanuel Levinas (1983), The Concept of the Spiritual: An Essay in First Philosophy (1988), Gender Thinking (1992), Worth Doing (2004), and Appeal and Attitude: Prospects for Ultimate Meaning (2005); journal articles on topics in philosophy of religion, theology, ethics, philosophical anthropology, philosophy of history, and aesthetics.