The Pre-Engineering Program at Millsaps College may be combined with any major the College offers. You will have great opportunities to combine Millsaps' broad-based education with specialized engineering studies at major universities. Millsaps has cooperative dual-degree programs with Auburn, Columbia, and Vanderbilt universities, which provide a wide variety of engineering options ranging from aerospace, chemical, and civil engineering to biological, industrial, mechanical, and metallurgical and mineral engineering. The Millsaps pre-engineering advisor helps you craft courses of study that fit your interests and specific program requirements.

  • Emlee Nicholson

    Emlee W. Nicholson

    Associate Professor of Mathematics
    Pre-Engineering Advisor

    601.974.1375 | Email


    BBA, Georgia State University; MS, PhD, University of Mississippi

    "I find teaching to be quite fun and rewarding. The job of a math professor is to both teach the material and demonstrate to the students why it is interesting and convince them that they are capable of learning it. I want all students to leave my classroom understanding the basic concepts covered in the course, but I see further opportunities to assist them in their evolution as critical thinkers and problem solvers. To this end, I am incorporating more learner-centered techniques than ever before.

    "I strive to create a relaxed classroom atmosphere and make sure that student responses are always given merit – because right or wrong, they are valuable and we can all learn from them. My goal as a teacher is to foster the desire to learn and encourage learning by opening my own mind to let the students teach me new ways to reach them.

    "While at Millsaps, I have taught Elementary Functions, Elementary Statistics, Calculus I, Calculus II, Introduction to Advanced Math, Linear Algebra, Graph Theory, and Number Theory. Hopefully new adventures await me in other courses as well! I plan to continue to find ways to connect with students and help them to connect with the material."