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Pre-Health Committee

The Pre-Health Committee is comprised of faculty familiar with the Pre-Health curriculum and work closely with interested students both in planning their curriculum and orienting them to their professional interests.

The Pre-Health Committee consists of the following faculty:

The Pre-Health Committee functions to provide:

  • Mentorship and internship opportunities with Millsaps alumni and supporters in these professions through the Medical Mentorship program.
  • Support and guidance through the pre-health advisory emails, seminars, and office visits. Contact prehealth@millsaps.edu with any questions. 
  • Recommendations to professional schools by acting as an evaluation committee.


Many programs require letters of recommendation for entrance. The Pre-Health Advisory Committee provides a recommendation partially based on individual student interviews that are conducted in both the Fall and Spring semesters. Download a Pre-Health Faculty Evaluation Form (PDF).

The Pre-Health Committee Student Interview

The committee 1) is responsible for helping the student to gain admission and
2) is responsible to the professional school to accurately evaluate the students.

Individual interviews, by appointment, last for 45 minutes. The meetings are conducted on Friday afternoons. Keeping appointments, being punctual, professionalism and cursory knowledge of the medical field are emphasized.

Contact prehealth@millsaps.edu with any questions.

The committee will require individual recommendation forms or letters from three faculty: two science (computer science, mathematics, etc. count as science), one non-science. Additional recommendations from employers and/or mentors are approporiate, but not from relatives, clergy, scoutmasters, or politicians etc. These letters should be sent to a committee co-chair prior to the interview, along with a personal resumé and a printout of the application form (AMCAS - American Medical College Application Service, ADSAS - Associated American Dental Schools Application Service, etc.). The committee will have a copy of your transcript.

Our committee evaluation will be influenced by your academic record but the medical admissions committees to whom you're applying will have your GPA and exam scores.

We will also evaluate your campus activities, demonstrated leadership and potential, concern for social issues, time management skills, knowledge of health-care, interpersonal skills, professionalism, etc.

We will forward a committee evaluation and accompanying letter, along with copies of all individual recommendations to the schools you indicate. For medical and dental schools your evaluation packet is forwarded electronically. Since this will happen only once, you must have all necessary supporting materials in on time. It is advisable (but not necessary) to waive access to these documents.

You should pay attention to and carefully follow these instructions concerning the recommendation and interview process.