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Summer 2016 Speakers

Principals’ Summer Institute


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TUESDAY, JUNE 14 , 2016
Dr. Stephen Barkley

"Culture of Coaching"

A riveting motivational speaker, Steve Barkley’s unique, skill-based presentation will combine education theory with practical applications. In this session, Steve explores the relationship between instructional coaches and administrators, and how an effective coaching program can produce teacher change, student achievement and desired staff involvement. In this session Steve will talks about how coaching can affect the culture of a school and how the culture of a school can affect coaching. He discusses the four types of teacher relationships of parallel play, adversarial, congenial, and collegial. Steve will provide administrators and teacher-leaders the opportunity to identify their existing leadership skills, create the right environment and develop a plan for enhancing those capabilities. In order to positively impact student achievement, Steve will also explain how professional learning communities can create a collaborative environment among colleagues, also saving precious teacher time.

For the past 30 years, Steve has served as a consultant to school districts, teacher organizations, state departments of education, and colleges and universities nationally and internationally, facilitating the changes necessary for them to reach students and successfully prepare them for the 21st century. A prolific published author (Questions for Life: Powerful Strategies to Guide Critical Thinking, Tapping Student Effort: Increasing Student Achievement, Quality Teaching in a Culture of Coaching, Second Edition, WOW! Adding Pizzazz to Teaching and Learning, Second Edition), his weekly blog, Steve Barkley Ponders Out Loud, has evolved into a go-to resource for teachers and administrators all over the world.



Dr. Todd Whitaker

"Leading School Change: Strategies to Bring Everybody on Board and Supervision-Evaluation and Instructional Improvement"

Dr. Todd Whitaker, in this workshop provides a step-by-step approach to successfully implement any change that you would like to occur in your organization. Leading School Change is perfect for leadership teams, individual leaders, or any combination of people who are interested in successfully leading change throughout their school or district. Included will be information on which people you have to start the change process with, how to make sure the first exposure is great, and how to diminish the influence of the resistors. The hands on activities will enable you to develop a plan specifically for you and your group. Whether it is a change you hope to make or a new mandate you will learn how to bring everybody on board.

In the afternoon session Dr. Whitaker will focus on evaluation of all teachers - from our superstars to our less than superstars. Principals will have a chance to practice conferencing, note taking, and to examine the most effective ways to evaluate and improve our teachers. This session will also include ways to improve instruction on a daily basis in your school. Included will be videotaped lessons, information on differentiated supervision, and how to focus on instructional leadership on a daily basis in your school.

Dr. Todd Whitaker is recognized as a leading presenter in the field of education. Whitaker, a professor of educational leadership at Indiana State University in Terre Haute, Indiana, has spent his life pursuing his love of education by researching and studying effective teachers and principals. Dr. Whitaker has worked as a math teacher and basketball coach in Missouri. Later in his career he served as principal at the middle school, junior high, and high school levels. He was also a middle school coordinator in charge of staffing, curriculum, and technology for the opening of new middle schools. Dr. Whitaker has written 30 books, including the national best seller, What Great Teachers Do Differently. Other titles include: Shifting The Monkey, Dealing With Difficult Teachers, Teaching Matters, Great Quotes for Great Educators, Motivating & Inspiring Teachers, and Dealing With Difficult Parents. Whitaker lives with his wife Beth, a former teacher and principal currently working as a professor of elementary education at Indiana State University, and three children, Katherine, Madeline, and Harrison.



Dr. Roger Cleveland  

"Everybody Hates Chris:
Working Effectively with Diverse Students"

Dr. Roger Cleveland is known for his educational insight in areas such as; instructional equity, cultural competency, closing achievement gaps, learning styles, transforming school culture and school improvement planning. He has provided staff development and workshops for a number of schools, districts, state educational agencies and universities around the country. He is currently an associate professor in the College of Education at Eastern Kentucky University at Eastern Kentucky University and CEO of Millennium Learning Concepts, an educational consulting company based out of Lexington, Kentucky.

Dr. Cleveland’s session will address the perceptions and/or mental models of educators and how these perceptions impact relationships, expectations and instruction with diverse students. The presenter will also demonstrate a number of culturally responsive instructional strategies to engage diverse students in the classroom. The strategies presented are research based; can be used the next day; and will assist administrators with developing a culturally responsive school culture.