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Dr. Julian Murchison Travels to Turkey for Conference


In July 2012, Dr. Julian Murchison traveled to the biennial Media, Religion, and Culture conference, where the International Society for Media, Religion, and Culture was officially established. The conference was hosted by the Anadolu University in Eskesehir, Turkey. The city of Eskesehir features a park that is eerily reminiscent of Disney World, a beautiful old city, and a vibrant area with restaurants and cafes along the river.

At the conference, Dr. Murchison presented a paper entitled "Documenting Witches and Their Evidence: Video as Media and Cultural Artifact in Southern Tanzania." His paper examines a video circulating in southern Tanzania in June 2011, which features interview footage with three professed witches at the home of a locally famous traditional healer. It examines the evidence presented in the video and the truth claims made in the video in relationship to common truth claims from other sources and in other media.

Dr. Curtis Coats, a faculty member in Communication Studies at Millsaps, also attended the conference and presented a paper.